I ‘ve started collecting screenshots of online advertising. I’m trying to understand the message.

The ad below says that if I’m old and don’t know French, then watching the video will be a real shock. So if I knew French and wasn’t over fifty years old, then I wouldn’t be shocked? Will knowing French make it possible for me to say, “Madam. Those are the most bodacious tatas I’ve ever seen. I may touch, yes?”



In the ad below, age is not a factor, though ignorance of a foreign language is still, well, a shocker.

I’ve been a programmer for quite a number of years. I must confess. I’ve never met a programmer with such an appealing cleavage.

Thankfully, there is no age or language requirement to enjoy this advertisement. It seems, however, that Jennifer is about to bomb right out of her bra. Perhaps she should talk to the woman below who has an ample cleavage but manages to keep it all in place.

This seems to be the perfect sandwich for every man. A nice rack on top, pizza, and booty on the bottom.

Speaking of booty, this ad definitely caught my attention.

The video below adds some perspective to our obsession with bods, boobs, and booty.

Conclusion: I’m not sure if I understand the message of all of these ads. I’ll do more research and report back later with my findings.


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