What Is The Physiological Basis Of Consciousness?

Note to the Reader: I received this letter a few weeks ago from a good friend. Perhaps he will flesh out the ideas in greater detail at another time but I was so excited to read this that I wanted to scan it and share the letter with you right away. I hope you find it interesting. – Jeff


When we look at the matrix of neurons in the brain we see the physicality of the brain yet, no matter how much we look, we can’t see consciousness. We know that it is in there. We know it exists in a particular region(s). When we look closely we see movement of chemicals, we see various electrical potentials but we don’t see consciousness. The reason why we don’t see it is because we can’t see it. I don’t mean that it is “spirit” and therefore non-corporeal. What I mean is that it exists in a dimension that we have not yet learned to “see.” In the same way that Flatlanders could not see the third dimension and Linelanders could not see the second dimension, we cannot (yet) see the dimension in which consciousness exists. This is not as bizarre as it may seem. Current science has shown that all matter can be reduced to its smallest constituent which is not an object at all but really just a force, an energy. At the level of quantum physics, we do not see particles anymore but instead we see energy as waves. This energy seems to exist in another dimension, a dimension that we are not accustomed to seeing but which we know exists. It is possible that within these other dimensions, within the waves of energy and their interactions, that that is the basis of consciousness. There are no “consciousness” neurons or “memory” neurons. That is why we can locate regions within the brain where, for example, memory exists, but we cannot point to the memory neuron. By the time we get to the neuron, we have already lost sight of the energy fields that are the underlying quantum manifestation of the memory. In other words, our scale of reference – the neuron – is really much too large to “see” the quantum nature of memory.

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