What is A.D.D.?

T his description of being an A.D.D.er was posted in a comment here on this blog. [note 1] The description so beautifully captures the frustration of the A.D.D.er that I felt it was worth repeating as a regular blog post. So…here goes.

I am like a toolbox, with all the tools I will ever need lain gently and neatly in the box, ready for me to use them. The toolbox is translucent so I can see them there. The key to the toolbox is locked inside of it.

  1. It can be found at comment #13 at this post.
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  • lamcro

    Oh wow!
    I’m laughing hard cause I understand that feeling.

  • Jeff

    When I first read it, I had one of those “laughing…because I’m really crying” moments.

  • Mike

    It’s an excellent analogy. You have everything you need to succeed but you can’t get to it.

  • Jeff

    Correct…but that’s the Gift!! You are forever stuck in a state of “becoming,” a state of “potentiality” and you never really reach the full state of “actuality.” What a great gift, ain’t it?

  • betsy davenport

    “The gift” has recently become a sort of sick joke at my house lately. Anytime I can’t reach the end of a sentence in the neighborhood of where I began the sentence, and my daughter or husband looks at me weird, I have to say, “Oh, sorry. That’s the gift again.”

    It was funny at first, but lately there has been a lot of casting the eyes heavenwards.

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