What If There Was A Magic Button That Could Turn Off Your ADD?

NOTE TO THE READER: Andrew, a recent visitor to this blog, has written a number of well thought out (and lengthy) comments that, I felt, deserve to stand alone as their own post. In discussion with Andrew, who has agreed to allow me to do this, the hope is to spur additional debate on these topics.

NOTE TO NEW VISITORS: If you are a new visitor to this blog, you may want to read these posts that ask if A.D.D. is a gift or a curse.

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I agree that these awful heavy NLP-style sales tactics are pretty ghastly. [note 1] Hallowell should know better, he has no magic ADD cures, there will never be a cure unless they fix ADD genes. Trouble is that would only help ADDers-as-yet-unborn and genetic engineering troubles me deeply, too complicated and inevitably major mistakes will be made. The only real solution is for society to change to respect individual differences and to embrace peoples strengths whilst accepting their challenges, dream on…

Funnily/sadly enough today was a day when I did wish for a big red “ADD-OFF” button and to push it down violently with both hands! Yesterday I felt bullish about ADD strengths, to try to make myself feel better about my challenges but today I just feel overwhelmed with my ADD. I am pissed that I have so much to give but cannot be bothered. I pointlessly hyper-focus for hours whilst ignoring career, relationships, backlog of paperwork and life itself. My life would be easier if I pressed the “ADD-OFF” button, maybe I wouldn’t be quite as interesting, funny or clever a person. But without ADD I would be a lot less bored, stressed, frustrated, troubled and disillusioned. ADD can be a tragic curse, to be given gifts only to have no motivation, focus or drive to use them. Oh yeah and I can’t make my mind up either!

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Editor’s Note: Here’s Jennifer Koretsky on pressing your ADD “reset” button.

  1. See: Unwrapping the Sales Manure
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