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I was so impressed by the way the website – Midwest Teen Sex Show – addresses the issues of sex and sexuality that I thought others, most especially parents of teenagers, should be aware of it. [note 1] It uses video and a charmingly disarming narrator to examine important topics such as birth control, homosexuality, dealing with parents (the site’s target audience is teenagers) and that “very first time.” But what is so delightful about the site (yes, “delightful” is the right word to use here) is that it uses a serious/light-hearted dialectic that conveys the importance of what is being stated and, while the seriousness of it sinks it, it releases the tension that was just created. For example, in a video that deals with birth control methods, it points out the folly of relying on the “pull and pray” method of birth control (a/k/a Coitus Interruptus). Then after the seriousness sinks in, the tension is released by the narrator’s admission that the two adorable children you see in the video are the result of her own use of “pull and pray.”

So, if you are a teenager…take a look at this website. Then show it to your parent(s). If you are a parent of teenager…take a look at this website. Then show it to your teenager. You might find that the website’s treatment of sex and sexuality is exactly what is needed in order to openly discuss this most important of subjects.

  1. Don’t be mislead by the website’s name. It is NOT a site for voyeurs and pedophiles.
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