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Zoë Kessler has a few posts that will make you stop, think and probably laugh. As a double agent she provides an inside look at attempting to be non-ADHD in an environment screaming out for ADHD…sort of. Perhaps being a double agent is another ADHD subtype missing from the DSM. It didn’t seem to make the list of new ADHD subtypes. The recently married Katy Rollins might be able to suggest yet another ADHD subtype, like Constant Self Blame.

When you are tired of blaming yourself and you want to rein in your ADHD, you are then ready for some of Dr. Parker’s medical advice. He’s really been pushing the envelope in terms of diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. To get a better understanding of what he is doing, you’ll want to check out my illustrated (yes, illustrated!) review of his book and then watch some of his videos. You’ll then be more than ready to tackle his book. Of course, you should visit Doc Parker’s website. If you need help remembering what you read in Doc Parker’s book, I highly recommend that you take a nap or, if you prefer, have sex. In fact, do both! Recent research shows that it will improve your memory.

Carpe diem!

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    Jeff, I just discovered this post. Great idea. I think it deserves an icon in the sidebar.

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