Undiagnosed Adult ADHD: The Silent Killer of Hopes & Dreams

“TEDxSanDiego Local Speaker Search Winner Alan Brown brings unfettered attention to the affects of ADHD. Experiencing this firsthand as a sufferer of ADHD, Brown shares a glimpse of his life functioning with the undiagnosed disease. This disease leads to multiple secondary issues that leave people depleted of living a full and complete life. Brown gives us a call to action to be advocates to bring awareness and attention to ADHD so individuals do not fall through the cracks and have the safety net they need to succeed.”

Thank you, Jennifer Koretsky, for posting this video on Facebook.

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  • lombardithurston

    Unfortunately, my comments expressing love and respect for the one and the only Freddie Baughman don’t seem to last around here very long. If I’m irreverent, it is intentional.
    If the fine doctor is offended, he should be. I suppose it would be hard to find a “medical doctor” as obnoxious and repulsive as this clown

    • http://jeffsaddmind.com Jeffs ADD Mind

      It probably had something to do with the “tone” of the comments and their misplacement, such as your current comment which has nothing to do with this particular post.

      • canuhearme

        Freddie The Beetle Baughman would deprive me and everyone else diagnosed with this disorder the medication proven to be efficacious and safe to treat it, if he only could! Haven’t we suffered enough without this obnoxious know-nothing excuse for a doctor telling us we are fools and drug addicted patrons of the most evil drug cartel in history?

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