Thoughts On Holocaust Remembrance Day

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day [April 7, 2013], remember the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust for being Jews and for no other reason, and the millions of others who were murdered by the Nazis.

Actually, the really frightening lesson is NOT that they were murdered simply because they were Jews. They were murdered because the most advanced society at the time allowed itself to fall under the sway of theories of race purification and eugenics whose origins can be traced to another advanced society, the United States. (See Eugenics Cold Spring Harbor  and Sterilization United States) We fool ourselves into thinking that the Germans represented some sort of aberration when, in fact, they represented the apotheosis of Western civilization, having been the source of major advances in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so forth. The danger lies in self-induced complacency brought on by focusing solely on the result — the killing of six million — without also focusing on the sequence of events and socio-politico-scientific rationalizations that made mass killing possible from both a theoretical and technological perspective.

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  • greenpen

    Thank you! I find it very irritating when people make remarks to imply that the Germans invented eugenics. England and the U.S. were at the forefront of that school of thought. I have always loved both German and Jewish culture, and many people find that strange.

    • ADD Ian

      I can see where you’re coming from. You see the way we lock people up with mental illness? Crime targets, blame and ridicule first, love, understanding and therapy second.

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