A fter an infant deity had created the Earth and abandoned the project midway, leaving in place all sorts of Evils, God Himself, taking pity on the half-formed creatures roaming on the surface of the blue spinning rock, sent to Earth his only begotten Son. But that attempt to show the creatures the path of Righteousness had ended prematurely with a cruel crucifixion. Despite the Resurrection and blossoming of the True Church, God realized that there were many who still did not understand The Word. As the most powerful and omnipotent being, God realized that to save the wretched, He must send disciples of wisdom, Seers of Truth, out into the world. But God also realized that the world had changed over the many years. He realized that He must use the latest of technologies to reach the people, so God, in his infinite wisdom, had commanded the Seers of Truth to use the technology known as Facebook, for this would be the only way that the Truth could reach the masses.

What follows are several encounters I have had with a Seer of Truth who, through the technology of Facebook — invented by one of God’s Chosen People — tried to put me on the path of Righteousness and Truth. Perhaps you have also met such Seers of Truth. Be warned. Their Truth is like no other Truth you may have known. It is as if the Truth has come from another universe and, perhaps, therein lies the problem. Lowly creatures that we are, we can never comprehend a Truth that is, quite literally, from outer space.

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  • Excelsior

    “Going to Facebook has become the equivalent of opening the fridge & staring inside, even though you’re not hungry.” quote Nick Bilton

    • http://jeffsaddmind.com Jeffs ADD Mind

      “…even though you’re not hungry…” and finding that there’s mold on everything. ;)

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