There Is No Time

Arianna Huffington. The progressive movement needs you badly. They need you now. Your website gets an enormous amount of traffic. Please dedicate your entire website to your new book Third World America. [note 1] Please get other progressive voices on the website. We need Ed Schultz. We need Tom Hartmann. And if we have to beat him over the head to make him see the errors of his past and to get him on a true progressive path, we need Bill Clinton. And we need Paul Krugman and we need Howard Dean and others.

Arianna. I am pleading with you. We need you to bring all these people together, to get them to talk as one voice. Tucker Carlson has a new website and Glenn Beck has a new website. They are lining up their guns. We must stand against them and against all the voices of ignorance and hate. We must stand up to Newt Gingrich and his new Contract On America. We must stand up to Bill O’Reilly. We must stand up to Fox News and Rupert Murdoch’s ongoing stupidification of the American people. We must stand in opposition to the brown shirt, lock-step Republican mentality that has destroyed the middle class. We must stand united in spirit, in voice, in economic and political and social policy. You have the power to bring these voices together.

As Lou Reed had said:

This is no time for Celebration
This is no time for Phony Rhetoric
This is a time for Action
because the future’s Within Reach
This is the time

Please, Arianna. This is the time. We need you to act now.

P.S. Arianna. I have one more request. Please remove from your website the charlatans who claim that people are immortal. Please remove all the nonsense of Hollywood movie star druggies from your website. You are diluting your message by placing your message next to such nonsense.

  1. See also the list of eleven books predicting the collapse of the middle class.
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  • Katy R.

    There’s a lot to love here, but I think the thing I love the most, aside from your awesome East Coast delivery, is the fact that you are in your garage. Does your family know that you are inciting riots from your garage, Jeff?

    PS: Newt Gingrich pisses me off because he’s so smart, and unfortunately his enormous intellect is overshadowed by his powerlust and greed. Astounding and a waste of critical thinking skills. On another note, I saw him in person once and he is very short. I’m not implying anything, and I have dated short men so I’m not dissing short dudes, I was just surprised because I’m really short, and he’s not much taller than me. Whole lotta evil in a smallish package.

    • Jeff

      Ya know…I never knew I had an “East Coast Delivery” until I really started watching and listening to videos of myself. I mangle some of my words.

      I thought of dubbing myself “The Garage Terrorist.”

      The garage is the only place in the house where I can be alone and I can talk to the camera.

      Gingrich is a very dangerous man. He worries me. He’s George Bush with brains.

  • Katy R.

    Oh you have a place you can be alone? Is that someone one acquire as the children age a bit? Because ours are small right now and no crevice seems to be off limits :)

    • Jeff

      That’s why you need a house with a basement. You put the kids in the basement, lock the door, and then you have privacy.

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