The Wanderer

The Child Within The Man

From the age of twelve I worked with an uncle, and then with my father, on their delivery routes. Our days were spent driving around Brooklyn, going from store to store, delivering boxes of potato chips and pretzels, listening to the radio, talking politics. During my high school years, when I perfected my life as a truant, my day would begin with a walk to a diner where I would have breakfast and read a book. I’d then walk two miles to the shopping mall, spending much of the day observing the activities as the stores began to open. This would still be morning when the mall was filled mostly with employees. It was still quiet, shoppers wouldn’t arrive in large numbers until later in the day. I would spend time drifting in and out of different stores, eventually making my way to the bookstore where I’d scan through the bargain bin. Lunch time would be at Nathan’s where I would purchase one hot dog and a soda. I would overload the hot dog with sauerkraut so that, when I finished the dog, there was still sauerkraut to eat. I’d then go back to my book and read during this extended lunch. As it neared the end of the school day, I would head home which, from the mall, was a three mile walk.

After leaving my job at the end of October of 2014, I’ve returned to the peripatetic ways of my youth. I walk to a nearby diner, open up my laptop, and write stories as I eat breakfast. After an hour I pack up my things and make my way to a local coffee shop where I enjoy a latté, free wireless, and often a bit of business networking as many of the town’s solopreneurs drop in to meet with clients and potential clients. Next is the library when the real work begins, answering client emails and working on client projects. During lunch I again open the laptop to work on stories, then back to the library until 6:00pm, when I call it a day and walk home.

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