The Sound of Inevitability

This is a work of fiction. Maybe

In late January, Amazon received a patent to set up an exchange for all sorts of digital material. The retailer would presumably earn a commission on each transaction, and consumers would surely see lower prices.

Imagining a Swap Meet for E-Books and Music, NY Times March 7, 2013

February 3, 2014 – Amazon unveils the PDE© – Personal Digital Exchange© – a new type of accounting system that tracks the credits and debits of your digital purchases. The concept is simple. The PDE allows you to ‘buy’ an ebook but, most importantly, it allows you to ‘sell’ the ebook, similar to the way you can buy a printed book and then sell it to a friend. In the cyberworld, the PDE will provide the digital accounting to track your buys and sells. When you ‘buy’ the book an entry is made on the credit side of your exchange ledger. When you sell your book, the credit gets moved to the ‘debit’ side. In order for this transaction to be successful, the person buying the ebook must also have a PDE so that a ‘credit’ can be added to her exchange ledger, designating her as the new ‘owner’ of the ebook. According to Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, “The PDE creates a free market to buy and sell digital goods.” He went on to say that, “People can sell ebooks, music, movies and anything else that is digital and their Personal Digital Exchange will help them keep track of it all.”

April 14, 2015 – With the success of the PDEs, Amazon is looking to expand the PDE to encompass all personal data into a simple, easy to use repository. It is believed that an Amazon/Facebook merger would create the ultimate, customizable shopping experience. “Using highly advanced algorithms and easy access to your purchasing and personal history,” Jeff Bezos said, “Amazon could anticipate your future purchasing needs months, years or decades in advance. You might make an announcement on Facebook and, a week later, a new baby stroller shows up on your doorstep before the baby is even born.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the child-CEO of Facebook, has refused to comment on the likelihood of an Amazon/Facebook merger.

March 13, 2016 – Bezos, the co-chairman and co-visionary of FAmazon has pulled off another amazing coup. The digital behemoth has acquired all of the personal credit histories kept by Equifax and the other major crediting agencies. With easy access to credit histories in addition to purchasing and personal data, the Personal Digital Exchange can be used to buy and sell ‘bank-like’ products such as mortgages, college loans and auto loans.

January 18, 2025 – A terrorist organization calling itself UMN has hacked into the main PDE database and website. According to HuffPost Digital News Service, the UMN posted the following information on the hacked PDE main website.

Hundreds of Years Ago,
There Was The Golden Rule
He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules

In A Completely Digitized World
He Who Has The Bytes Makes The Rules

FAmazon Controls The Bytes
FAmazon Makes The Rules
FAmazon Believes It Is Beyond The Reach Of The People

The UMN Has Proven That



The United Members of Nebuchadnezzar Believe That
The Only Way To Free Your Mind
Is To
Free Humankind From Its Digital Chains

January 20, 2025 – As his first official act as the commander-in-chief, President Marco Rubio has ordered drone strikes against all known digital terrorist camps located within the United States.

The term PDEand Personal Digital Exchange were created on March 10, 2012 by Jeffrey Siegel, the author of this blog. The term and/or its acronym may be freely used only if attribution is given to Jeffrey Siegel.  However, it’s use on t-shirts, bumper stickers, belt buckles or tattoos, or its use in print or redestributed digital format of any kind now known to mankind or digital format soon to be invented, is strictly prohibited. Note that this restriction may fall under the restrictions of state or federal laws that may supersede this legal warning though they cannot, by the powers invested in me, completely remove such restrictions. Furthermore, this legal notice contains concepts known to cause cancer in California residents. Your mileage may vary. Caveat Emptor. Carpe diem. Leggo My Eggo. Cogito Ergo Sum. Videlicet. Amicus curiae. The idea for the PDE comes from this NY Times article.
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