The Phenomenology of Adult A.D.D.

T hat’s probably the best description of what this blog is. I’m using the term phenomenology in the sense of describing  the phenomena of living A.D.D….what A.D.D. is like “from the inside” and how it is manifested in the world through one person, me. However, it is not a solipsistic pursuit but, like phenomenology in the philosophical sense, it aims to get at some sort of underlying structure or commonality. For no matter the exact details of the “lived” A.D.D., the struggles remain very much the same – issues of time management (sometimes even an inability to understand time), issues of control (blurting out inappropriate times) – though instantiated in slightly different ways since, after all, we are not identical but are individuals with individual histories. Yet, despite the individual histories, there are common aspects to A.D.D. and that’s what brings A.D.D.ers together.

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  • http://VisionAndPsychosis.Net L K Tucker

    I followed a link to your site from a newsletter I subscribe. There is a simple problem that may be the cause of ADD and ADHD. These two behaviors are associated with classrooms. Too-close side-by-side seating for knowledge workers will allow Subliminal Distraction exposure.

    SD is a normal feature in our physiology of sight. It was discovered to cause mental breaks for office workers forty years ago. The cubicle was designed to prevent Subliminal Distraction exposure by blocking peripheral vision for a concentrating worker.

    When my wife had a mental break thirty days after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection I discovered the phenomenon is unknown by anyone in medicine or psychiatry.

    Because threat-movement to trigger the vision startle reflex ix detected subliminally, Subliminal Distraction exposure is silent, painless, invisible, and cannot be detected.

    This phenomenon happens four significant places. Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga have 2500 and 3000 years respective history of causing mental problems. When performed in groups they are engines to cause Subliminal Distraction exposure. Acolytes ignorantly believe supernatural forces cause the mental breaks but they correctly record symptoms of exposure, fear, paranoia, panic attacks, depression and thoughts of suicide.

    If you have any symptoms directly related to those outcomes you probably have SD exposure to cause your ADD. II have personal experience that this is true.

    Avoiding exposure is simple and usually free. Since it cannot be experienced consciously you must search your activities and eliminate any possible locations for exposure.

    This obviously does not require treatment of any kind. It will not interfere with any treatment you already have.

    Visit the Missing Students and College Suicides pages at my site. Perform the psychology demonstration of sublimity sight and habituation in peripheral vision to experience something disappear while you observe it in peripheral vision,.

    Could your readers benefit from this information?

    • Jeff

      This is a very imaginative explanation for ADHD. Your theory that classrooms and sitting close to other people is the cause of ADHD rests on the assumption that those with ADHD do not have it PRIOR to entering the classroom. In addition, you are ignoring the fact that the classroom is the child’s first encounter with a formal institution where there are people who are formally trained in observing behavior patterns. Therefore it is not surprising that it is in the classroom that the ADHD behaviors are discovered. If children went to jobs at the age of six instead of school, then it would the office manager who would be discovering the existence of the ADHD behavior.

      • Scott Hutson

        Maybe left frontal temporoparietal lobes and right perventricular and frontal lobes get messed up when kids born with ADHD get SD from …………Classrooms.

        • Scott Hutson

          Jeff, you point out the most important thing that I personaly see in this post>Indivual histories don’t change the facts of ADHD……..Walks like a Duck no matter what how hard the Duck tries to change that fact. Some Ducks just follow, and other Ducks…..

          • Scott Hutson

            Some Ducks forget to click “spell check”. Quack Quack :-0

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