The Gift of ADHD – Revisited

ADHD -- Gift? Curse? Something else?

L ucy Berrington offers an intelligent overview and critique of the ADHD-as-Gift mantra. It is well worth reading. See: Should We Welcome the “Gift” of ADHD — or Return it?

Those with excess time on their hands may want to read my posts about the “Gift” of ADHD. See:


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  • ginniebean

    The ADHD satellite industries of people marketing their goods needs to be held accountable. Sadly, the marketers speak for us and about us. They will discredit. Any dissenting voice. And it’s so pathetic to see a marginalized population already discredited being doubly so by faux advocates.

  • submitter125w

    ADHD is here. What to call it is the question.

    Fact is we need to keep sharing information with eachother.



    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      I had to use Google Translate to read your website but, even with Google’s quirky translate algorithms, it seems that you’ve got good information on the website.

      • submitter125w

        Thanks :) Yes it has good information, but is indeed in Dutch. BUt nevertheless spread the word if you wish ;)

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