The Chronicles of the A.D.D. War

"Mani [founder of Manicheism] postulated two natures that existed from the beginning: light and darkness. The realm of light lived in peace, while the realm of darkness was in constant conflict with itself. The universe is the temporary result of an attack from the realm of darkness on the realm of light, and was created by the Living Spirit, an emanation of the light realm, out of the mixture of light and darkness. A key belief in Manichaeism is that there is no omnipotent good power. This claim addresses a theoretical part of the problem of evil by denying the infinite perfection of God and postulating the two equal and opposite powers mentioned previously. The human person is seen as a battleground for these powers: the good part is the soul (which is composed of light) and the bad part is the body (composed of dark earth)." [Emphasis added] 

(Source: Manichaeism)

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A.D.D.ers are the embodiment of the struggle of light versus dark. Every moment these opposing forces fight for control of the Fought within the boundaries of their mind (and body), A.D.D.ers are locked in a lonely internal battle. [note 1] Therapy, drugs and self-help books are the weapons of war but they are not powerful enough for light to definitively triumph over dark. Some battles are won. Some are lost. And the war rages on with no end in sight. 

Many A.D.D. soldiers chronicle their victories and defeats in blogs like the ones listed below [note 2]. This externalization through narrative releases internal tensions, though only for a moment. [note 3] By externalizing the internal they reveal that which occurs within the circumscribed boundaries of their war. [note 4]  Externalization makes visible the invisible "internal" battles fought by A.D.D.ers. By rendering the invisible visible, externalization allows other A.D.D.ers to see that they are all engaged in the same fight. Of course there are differences, but all A.D.D.ers battle with issues of time, memory, emotion and sex. [note 5] By reading how others have fought their own battles, A.D.D.ers are able to learn from those other A.D.D.ers and, therefore, they are better equipped for their own ongoing battles. [note 6

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  1. There is, of course, a certain amount of spillover, the outward manifestation of that inner battle. However, A.D.D.ers remain the ultimate existentialists. "Each of us is trapped within our own mind, unable to feel anything but our own feelings and experiences." Source: Ethics of Absolute Freedom
  2. Most blogs written by A.D.D.ers seem to be a record of their victories and defeats.
  3. Interestingly, physical activity, for many A.D.D.ers, is also an effective means of releasing tension. I sometimes think of physical activity (I currently jog three times each week) as a way to release mental toxins.
  4. The act of writing is really the act of externalizing the internal through the use of symbols that constitute sounds which, when put together in a particular way, constitute words with a grouping of words (sometimes even a single word) conveying to the outside an internal idea (all ideas are, in a sense, internal…no?) Exposition, expounding is really placing something outside. "Ex" meaning "out of" and "position" coming from ponere (Latin) meaning "to place."
  5. I'm sure this list of issues could go on ad infinitum.
  6. Scientia potentia est: knowledge is power.
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  • ginapera

    Profound thoughts, Jeff.

    I’m wondering if A Course in Miracles (or simply reading books about it, such as Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love) would be particularly helpful in this battle. I know it was for me, in dealing with a loved one’s ADHD issues.

    Medication can be a miracle-worker, but for me anyway, the spiritual focus is important, too.

    Love that photo below…looks like a flowering quince.

    Thanks for your blog,
    Gina Pera

  • Jeff


    Thank you for reading the post and finding it to be of value.

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