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What is the Plural of Anecdote?

ADHDers need to learn how to live with ADHD.

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ADHD & Loneliness, Part III

ADHDers have the wrong expectations of non-ADHDers. We think they are like us. Foolishly we reveal something of our inner [...]

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The Problem of “Keeping It Up” & Other Random Thoughts

Random Thought Number 1023: It can be difficult to keep it up each and every time. There’s the pressure to [...]

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ADHD vs Normal (Non-ADHD) Adult Thinking

Here is one way to visualize and compare the thinking patterns of an ADHDer and a Normal (non-ADHD) adult. In [...]

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Flooded With Thoughts

Somewhere in my hip is a pinched nerve that seems to only bother me in the middle of the night. [note 1] [...]

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The Alternate Universe Of ADHDers

…Argos and I lived our lives in separate universes; I reflected that our perceptions were identical but that Argos combined [...]

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The Metamorphosis

What happens to an ADHDer when he succeeds at overcoming some of the negative aspects of his “gift”?

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From the Archives: Oscillating States: “Being as Doing” and “Self-Conscious Stumbling”

A.D.D.ers tend to oscillate between two different states: “being-as-doing” and “self-conscious-stumbling.” In the being-as-doing state, they are living within every [...]

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The Curse That Keeps On Giving

A.D.D. is The Curse that Keeps on Giving. It never stops. It never lets up. It never gives you a [...]

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What is “normal” for an A.D.D.er?

As I write this…I suddenly feel normal or, to be exact, what I think normal is. I think normal is [...]

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Drug-induced normalcy(?)

I’ve been on Wellbutrin for over a year and recently (within the last few months) started taking a generic version [...]

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ADHD: Awesome and Deadly

An email from an ADHDer. Subject: Open this email I have ADD and I want to share! Message: Hi Jeff, [...]

What It Feels Like To Have ADHD

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The Ground Shakes

A Cure for ADHD

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

The Perfect Month

What A Great Time Of Year

That’s What I Call ADHD-Friendly Software

A recent ADHD newsletter noted that The Brain — a mind mapping software — might be a useful tool for [...]

Life in the Modern Age

Sixteen months ago I moved from the world of entrepreneurship — a portmanteau comprised of the French word entrepreneur, which [...]

E-Card Fun

Some more e-card humor: Expressing Your ADHD Self…Digitally A Few Laughs, Giggles & Groans

While Rome Burns

I’ve started collecting screenshots of online advertising. I’m trying to understand the message. The ad below says that if I’m [...]

Kiss Your Distractions Goodbye

Do one thing at a time

ADHD Does Not Exist

I can’t tell what is more disturbing. A book titled “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and [...]