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Real Dispatches From ADHDer World

I know. It’s not productive to think of ADHD as a curse. It’s definitely not productive to think of it [...]

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Do I Know You?

There are two photographs that sit on my desk. In one I am next to my wife who, at the [...]

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I Can’t Decide On A Title: “Memory, Anger & ADHD” or “Take This Gift and Shove It” or “Taming Your ADHD”

I’m pleased to report that the Verizon issue, as described in my post Don’t Worry…Get Angry, has been resolved. On [...]

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Memory Miracles: A Story About A Car, A Battery and Improved Memory and Logic Skills.

The Video: How time, medication, supplements and more can improve memory and logic skills.

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Gardening, Time & Memory

When I started eating home-grown vegetables (I’ve been doing it for about five years) I learned that the local supermarket [...]

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The Physiological Basis for Consciousness: A Reply to Jeff’s Letter

Transcription Dear Jeff, I like this theory of quantum consciousness but I get worried when it kind of seems too [...]

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The Physiological Basis for Consciousness: A Reply to Dom’s Letter

Transcription Dear Dominic, Thanks for your letter. Despite the crappy stationary I was still able to read it. Now I [...]

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What Is The Physiological Basis Of Consciousness?

Note to the Reader: I received this letter a few weeks ago from a good friend. Perhaps he will flesh [...]

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Pages From My Notebook

Some days I just get tired of having to push myself. I wish I could just wake up and, voila, [...]

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From the Archives: Scrambled Eggs for Brains

There are times when my brain feels like scrambled eggs. The day is like a fog and I can’t concentrate [...]

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The A.D.D. “Memory” Panic

A.D.D.ers are prone to brief, intense waves of "memory" panic: a sickening feeling that their protective shell has peeled away, [...]

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“Shoot Me Now” – The “Cure” for Adult A.D.D.

Bugs Bunny: Would you like to shoot me now or wait ’til you get home? Daffy Duck: Shoot him now! [...]

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“Emerging” from the Scrambled Eggs

I’m beginning to come out of the scrambled egg stage and a coherent, albeit manic, person is emerging. The puzzle [...]

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Scrambled Eggs…for Brains

There are times when my brain feels like scrambled eggs. The day is like a fog and I can’t concentrate [...]

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ADHD: Awesome and Deadly

An email from an ADHDer. Subject: Open this email I have ADD and I want to share! Message: Hi Jeff, [...]

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That’s What I Call ADHD-Friendly Software

A recent ADHD newsletter noted that The Brain — a mind mapping software — might be a useful tool for [...]

Life in the Modern Age

Sixteen months ago I moved from the world of entrepreneurship — a portmanteau comprised of the French word entrepreneur, which [...]

E-Card Fun

Some more e-card humor: Expressing Your ADHD Self…Digitally A Few Laughs, Giggles & Groans

While Rome Burns

I’ve started collecting screenshots of online advertising. I’m trying to understand the message. The ad below says that if I’m [...]

Kiss Your Distractions Goodbye

Do one thing at a time

ADHD Does Not Exist

I can’t tell what is more disturbing. A book titled “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and [...]