STFU! I Silenced My BlackBerry And Lived To Tell About It

I love my BlackBerry™. I’ve written many posts on my BlackBerry. I’ve replied to many comments and emails from my BlackBerry. But with eight different email accounts all going to my BlackBerry (and Twitter, FaceBook and WordPress for BlackBerry too!), the device can become quite distracting. Each time it beeps when an email arrives, I pick it up, take a look at the email, respond (or not respond) and then go back to my work. This could happen twenty times a day…or more! I learned to accept these interruptions as being part of the new era of instant everything.

One day I accidentally left the BlackBerry in “Quiet” mode. Instead of beeping when an email arrived, it just blinked at me with it’s little red light. OMFG! Why didn’t I do this sooner?! I’ve been having very productive days by leaving it in Quiet mode and, every once in a while, like aFunny T Shirts Buy 2 Shirts Get Free Shippingfter thirty or more minutes of work when I need to stand up and stretch a bit before sitting back at the computer, I grab the Blackberry and look through the emails while I pace around the home office. Sometimes I will stand and stretch and NOT grab the BlackBerry, so several hours can go by without looking at any emails! You know what? Even though I am not reading and responding to emails the moment they arrive, I have not seen any increase in domestic terrorist activity, any increase in the homicide rate nor any increase in the frequency with which I have sex. (This last one is very disappointing.) But I feel less stressed, I’m more productive and the hurry-up-do-it-now psychosis has noticeably diminished.  So I highly recommend silencing your BlackBerry. It will improve your daily work routine. It will make you less stressed. It will improve your productivity. However, it may not improve your sex life.

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  • Katy R.

    Nice! This is a great learning moment here :) The only thing I allow to ring on my iPhone is calendar alerts. I too, would go insane if emails were “ringing” all day, holy cows. I do sometimes I have a volume of email that can get a bit backed up…but as you say, no domestic terrorism has occurred…not yet anyway…although I feel a little less organized.

    • Jeff

      I’ve been trying to spend more time on answering email in chunks. And I figure if there is a terrorist alert or someone is bleeding to death…they’ll call me.

  • Denim

    I don’t know how long ago you shut off your crackberry, but I am proud of you!!!
    This is said with mixed emotions, because I don’t know where I would be today if you had not been on high alert the last two plus months. According to my professionals you helped throttle (accelerated) me through my education of adult diagnosed ADHD. By accelerating my education you helped raise my self esteem almost like divine intervention (planets aligning, whatever) at a time when it was crucial for it to be solid. Keep up the good work caring for yourself, because you sure did help me learn to care about me.

    • Jeff

      Denim, thank you for leaving this comment. I’m all choked up. I’m glad I was able to have such a positive impact.

      -sent via blackberry

      • Denim

        So was I as I wrote it. The tears of the joy of understand is an gloriously positive emotional thing.

        BUT you have much work to do, so NY cowboy swing yourself back into the saddle, you have inspiring and educational work to do for the next newbie waiting in the wings!!!

        Not to mention the fantasy, dark humor, sarcastic observation and cooking.

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