Small Changes Become Large Changes

"When you work at something day in and day out, you achieve huge positive change in your life. If you don't stick to it, your results can be disappointing."

"The Power of Gradual [doing a little bit every day] works because, quite simply, little things add up to a big thing if you have enough little things. Given enough time, the steady drip-drop of water becomes an ocean. Given enough time, small regular deposits [of money] become a small fortune. But here's  the thing. We tend to be surprised by the Power of Gradual."

Source: The Power of Gradual (I highly recommend reading the entire article. I also recommend looking at the Beginner's Guide to Zen Habits)

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  • Rob

    Zen Habits is awesome.

    Talking of the tiny changes making big changes (erego, big results),

  • Rob

    Sorry, submitted before finishing.

    The link is to an audio piece on Tony Robbins’ blog that illustrates the power of small changes. Its well presented using the power of the parable. Check it out.

  • Jeff

    Thank you for sharing these links. The Tony Robbins’ videos look interesting…I just wish he didn’t use the word “gift.” ;)

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  • Bryan

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the link to The Power of Gradual. I enjoyed reading it and totally agree! I think The Power of Gradual is a difficult concept for us ADDers to utilize, we can appreciate it, but it’s so difficult to put into action. Are we impulsive much? Indeed. However, there’s no reason why we cannot adapt and learn it, once we understand it.

    Hey Rob, I have always been a BIG fan of Tony Robbins’. I wasn’t aware of his blog – thanks!


  • Jeff


    Interestingly I’ve found the power of gradual to work. It wasn’t until I found the post that I realized I was even doing it. Sure the impulsivity comes through…but…you can’t help that. That’s like saying all days are gloomy because it rains once in a while (and sometimes it rains a lot!). But the real key is that minor changes do, indeed, add up to big changes. Once we (A.D.D.ers) grapple with, and begin to understand, the concept of time and how current acts translate into future circumstances (hmmm…hope that wasn’t too confusing) then we can employ the gradual approach.

  • Rob

    No problem Bryan! Glad you found his blog useful!

    Jeff, you’ve gone quiet! Where’ve you gone mate?

  • Scott Hutson

    Large unpredictable changes in life, have given me insight to these situations. I can see the gradual changes, and have no choice(besides death)to implement the “Power Of Gradual” to exist. I agree with all the positives of small-large,and advice given by the sites posted here.

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