Sick + Tired = Productive + Focused

I accidentally discovered that some of my most productive days are when I am sick or tired (or both…ha ha!). My theory is that being sick (or tired) means that my A.D.D. brain can’t go at warp speed and it slows down enough to focus on the task at hand.

Sometimes I can “force” focusing on a project by doing an all-nighter. That way I’m so tired that whatever energy I have left I can only use to focus on the task at hand and there is no energy to focus on anything else which means, of course, there is no energy left to get distracted. But this comes at a terrible price. If I am tired then after I finish task X I feel burnt out. So I am only temporarily productive and then become even less productive after that task has been finished. In addition, the trick of pulling all-nighters is not working that well anymore. I’m losing the stamina necessary to fight the A.D.D. and stay focused. So when I pull an all-nighter I might not have that second wind that I always depended on to finish the task at hand.

[edited on July 5, 2007 @5:12pm]

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  • Anonymous

    Just like me. Since very early in my life I resorted to sleep deprivation just so that I can act normal and not be hyper all the time… Normal in this case FOCUS DAMN IT!!

    I still do this to this day but it failed me in College… I could stay up for days and still not get the numbness that I sort after so much. 

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Even though I know better, I sometimes still do it. However, vigorous exercise and it’s exact opposite, something meditative, can have a similar effect. I’ve been alternating jogging with yoga (each on alternate days…giving myself a least a day of rest on the weekend). It has helped a lot. Much more than I thought.

      Miraculously I was able to pull it off in college. It was when I worked 33 hours a week, taught two classes at a local college, attended three classes at graduate school AND became a father, that it all came crashing down.

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