Should I Rename My Blog?

B ased on the keyword searches that are used to find my blog, I am seriously thinking about renaming my blog. Here’s the possible new name: Julie Bowen’s Boobs Breasts Tits Butt Sex Video and Judaica. You may be wondering how I came up this new name. Well, a few months back I posted a piece that poked fun at Huffington Post for putting up an article about Julie Bowen’s breasts. My post has gotten a lot of hits. I figure the best way to continually increase traffic to my blog is to go with the flow and, therefore, I should rename my blog. After reviewing the list of keywords (see below) I chose a representative sample of the keywords and incorporated them into the possible new blog name.

So, whadda ya think? Good idea?

The list of keywords I found in my website’s analytics

* boob job for julie bowen
* did julie bowen get a boob job?
* did julie bowen have breast implants
* did julie bowen have cosmetic surgery
* is julie bowen jewish
* julie boobs
* julie bowen
* julie bowen beautiful
* julie bowen boob job
* julie bowen boobjob
* julie bowen boobs
* julie bowen boobsa
* julie bowen breast
* julie bowen breast implants
* julie bowen dyslexic
* julie bowen implants
* julie bowen plastic surgery
* julie bowen sex
* julie bowen sex video
* julie bowen tits
* julie bowen video sex
* julie bowen yes i can pics
* julie bowen’s tit
* sjulie bowens butt
* why are boobs so beautiful

Here are the “hit” statistics for the Julie Bowen boob post

May (the month it was first posted)
45 hits

219 hits

558 hits

1,078 hits

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  • gina pera

    lolol!!! It must have been the Judaica part that tilted the balance.

  • Denim

    I need an interpreter for this post. LOL
    Don’t even try to interpret this for me. You will get carpal tunnel and no positive results. LOL

    I am interested in the statistical part.
    You get statistics everytime someone does what?
    Sure does sound like that “big brother” thing “they” talk about. I would not have thought you would have participated in a “big brother” type thing. But hey, I don’t know you, I just read your blog. LOL

    Why am I even commenting? Hmmm… oh yes, it is to be supportive and keep you writing in order to keep you entertaining and educating. But you have been writing long before I showed up and you have statistics, so you already know how many people are reading. “Stop Denim”. That is all you have to say to stop the nonsensical comments. You have statistics, you know that I am reading. What else do you know? Hmmm…

    • Jeff

      Denim, every single website has statistics on which posts are more popular, how people found the website, even how long they stay on the website (and more). HOWEVER, you can’t match a name to the statistics. All you know is that 300 people visited your website on a particular day and clicked on a bunch of different posts. Literally billions of dollar are spent to get people to go to one website as opposed to another, to click on one post as opposed to another.

      On the right hand side of my website you’ll see something called “Today’s Popular Posts.” That’s based on which posts people have clicked on. You’ll see the list changes throughout the day with the exception of the “Julie Bowen’s Breasts” post. It is almost ALWAYS in the number one or number two position.

      • Denim

        So the statistics could be skewd if I:
        open your website every morning and leave it open all day long
        or open your website multiple times a day
        click on a specific blog entry everyday
        start a chain of people and ask them to come to your blog an click on a specific blog entry

        So you could: Include the word SEX or a word related to sex in every blog post title.
        Which quite possibly could disappoint many current readers and create a group of readers looking to read about sex and possibly lose those reading about cooking, ADHD and general entertainment. What a heavy burden you have in managing those choices.

        Do you get any statistical power increase by the number of commenters?

        I would conclude that the words “Julie Bowden and beautiful” have nothing to do with the statistics.

        Statistics, oh the skewed stew that they could create.

        • Jeff

          The comments help a bit but it’s really the page url, the post title, the repetition of keywords within the body of the post that will have a greater affect. There are other factors, like the names of the images can contain keywords. And yes…you could skew the statistics a bit by clicking on different things but you would have to do it a lot for it to have a large effect.

          • Denim

            Url ? Don’t you mean Earl?
            But seriously, what is url ???
            Names of images can contain keywords???
            Yes, it is scary that I am on a computer and know very little about it.

            So you could imbed in each post words that would draw people in. Sort of like a pause for a commercial message. Or brackets with the word inside the brackets needed to draw the audience you want.

            • Jeff

              URL usually refers to The name of the image in the post is: julie-bowen-beautiful-breasts.png. The keywords are in the file name itself.

  • Scott Hutson

    Staying ‘abreast’ of the situation, I can only ‘assume’ it may have somewhat of a psychological ‘titallating’ affect on people when they land here while searching the web.

    • Jeff

      Sex sells…always has…always will.

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