“Shoot Me Now” – The “Cure” for Adult A.D.D.

Bugs Bunny: Would you like to shoot me now or wait ’til you get home?
Daffy Duck: Shoot him now! Shoot him now!
Bugs Bunny: You keep outta this! He doesn’t have to shoot you now!
Daffy Duck: He does SO have to shoot me now!
[to Elmer]
Daffy Duck: I demand that you shoot me now!
[Elmer raises his gun. As Daffy sticks his tongue out at Bugs, he is shot]
Source: Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck…of course!

Face the facts. With current “technology” there is no cure for A.D.D. [note 1] Medications alter whatever chemical states are in your brain, behavior modification makes aspects of it more tolerable and a healthy dose of humor makes it almost bearable. But there are those moments when all you want to do is scream “Shoot me now.” And no…this is not a death wish and no, it is not suicidal depression. It is a realist’s view of life with A.D.D. It will never go away, it will always be a part of who you are and what you do.

However, there might be mini-cures for A.D.D. Like those cold remedies that provide temporary relief, I’ve found two mini-cures for A.D.D. that provide temporary relief from the symptoms of A.D.D. Both are OTC remedies and readily available. And you don’t need a prescription. And if you order now we’ll throw in the Julienne Slicer…just look at these beautiful french fries. But wait, if you call within the next hour…… ;)

Mini-Cure #1: Jogging

After a ten-plus year hiatus from jogging, almost five weeks ago I started doing it again. I find that it makes the day that much more tolerable…especially since my “normal” work day can run into 16 hour marathons (pun sort of intended). It clears my head and makes it possible to focus.

Now an expanding body of research shows that exercise can improve the performance of the brain by boosting memory and cognitive processing speed. Exercise can, in fact, create a stronger, faster brain.
Source: Lobes of Steel

Mini-Cure #2: Music

I’ve always found music to be extraordinarily helpful in getting through tasks. My “theory” is that music satisfies the A.D.D. craving of the brain and makes it possible for you to concentrate on the task at hand. So you are giving in to your A.D.D.ness without it interfering with your work.


There is no cure for A.D.D. But like cold remedies, there are cures that can temporarily relieve the symptoms. Your mission, Mr. Phelps, is to find your mini-cure.

[Updated on September 2, 2007]

The jogging helps reduce the “scrambled eggs for brains” feeling. And while naps accomplish the same thing, the nap clears the slate while the the jogging both clears the slate and helps increase the overall energy level.

  1. Maybe in the future there will be some nanotechnology that will create new neural connections between the frontal lobe and the brain hemispheres or, perhaps, the stem cell-based technology will do the trick but, at this point in time, there is no cure.
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  • katidid73

    I have to agree with you whole-heartedly about Music being therapeutic.

    On the recent road to self-awareness, I have discovered that when I put on the headphones, my mood is instantly elevated. I can honestly say there is a marked improvement in my productivity.

    I am so pleased to have found your website! It is refreshing when someone can convey the daily struggles that we ADDers go through so candidly and with such articultion!


  • Jeff


    Interesting thing about the headphones, at least for me. When I listen to music it MUST be headphones. There’s something about the way it closes out the world (I use headphones that cover my ears…not the type that go in your ears) that brings me to a whole new level of productivity.

    And thank you so much for your compliments on the website. I think the part about A.D.D. that is too often overlooked is that it is an almost daily battle that must be fought. Some days are better than others and some days it seems you just fall apart. What I hope I have conveyed in my postings is the experience of that struggle and, most importantly, to affirm that ALL A.D.D.ers go through the struggle.


  • Scott Hutson

    I find much enjoyment listening to music/lyrics,that I listened to when I was young(60s-70s blues/rock. Promblem is,the lyrics don’t have verses like…”Hey, old man, go back to that crack in Your kitchen ceiling,You were determined to repair 3 hours ago,when You decided listening to Your ole’favorites,then decided to find Your old turntable, to play the albums that may be out in the garage,to see if will help cure You…la dee da dee……

  • Jeff

    Maybe I’m mistaken…I could have sworn that the lyrics to a Black Sabbath song went something like this:

    Carpenters gathered in their masses,
    Just like handymen at Manassas.
    Evil crack that needs some plaster,
    Putty knife for wall construction…..

    and so on. ;)

  • Scott Hutson

    Interesting,but I know very little about Black Sabbath.But I did google “Manassas”,and apparently, besides being the name of a city, Stephen Stills formed a band in 71,that went by the name “Manassas”.

    I am a fan of Stephen Stills, and His gift of musical talent(song writing,singing,guitar…etc).So I feel the need to listen to what is available by this band.Thank You Jeff! It’s amazing to Me,that I seem to stumble upon possible hidden treasures by accident so often. This JEFFS ADD MIND has led Me to some very real treasures!


  • Jeff

    See…ya never know what you may find. :)

  • Carmen

    Music is something that has to happen during my day no matter what. I’ve made a deal with my kids. My music in the morning and elmo after work. my whole day is ruined (literally) if I don’t get to listen to my music every chance I get. I get very moody. Music is my way of expressing who I am at that moment and what I am feeling. Music has a way of calming my spirit unlike anything else.

  • Carmen

    I forgot to add – My tastes are eclectic. Which shows on my myspace but not on my facebook. On one I’m my true self and on the other I’m pretty fake. It’s sad when you can’t be who you wanna be through music.

  • Carmen

    That didnt’ go where I wanted it to. What I was meaning to say is that all night or whenever I’m home I listen to my myspace playlists, and the fact that it’s all different kinds of music keeps me soaring.

  • Scott Hutson


    What you said ;”You can’t be who you wanna be through music” is interesting to me. It’s very true. But I have found some serenity,while listening some of the music I enjoy. Yes, it is a temporary serenity,but I wanna be a person that can,if only for a moment have some serenity. Thats the silver lining of my cloudy life. I hope this helps you.


  • Jeff

    Carmen and Scott,

    My musical tastes are also quite eclectic. I could be listening to Black Sabbath at one time, Mozart or Wagner at another time, Pink, The Dixie Chicks, Steppenwolf and, heck…whatever makes me feel good.

  • Scott Hutson

    I have found that the older I get,the more I enjoy music I didnt enjoy as much when it first came out. Such as heavy metal for example, that was the most popular too my age group.I was more of a CSN&Young type of guy.

    Now when I hear something come on my radio,while driving by myself, like Black Sabbath,Van Halen,…etc..I turn it up full volume,and it almost has a calming effect on me…or maybe lets me stop the mind racing..it’s hard to describe,but Know all the words to most of em it seems.


  • Jeff


    Fond memories of Black Sabbath.

    If I was playing chess and had it (Black Sabbath) blasting from the stereo, heck, no one would be able to beat me.

  • Carmen

    I’m a Sublime, Paramore, Greenday, and a new Robert Pattinson fan. I’ve found recently that I am a new Church of Hate fan and have always been a fan of the Celtic/Irish music and of course love classical. I just say Lynard Skynard live in MA. They are in my top five. Love CSN and the Eagles. Love Classic Rock! LOve Alternative. HATE Rap!

    Right now my playlist consists of
    Pink, The All American Idiots, Paramore, Jeff Buckley, Robert Pattinson, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Cheap Trick, and Church of Hate.

  • Carmen

    mini-cure – adrenaline rush

  • Jeff


    Your musical taste is interesting. We’ve got a bit of overlap. I’m also into Pink, Cheap Trick, Linkin Park. I too like Celtic music but I also found I like music from The Gypsy Kings. I may not understand a word they say but I love the sound of it. When I was in New Orleans I fell in love with the food and music…so check out Buckwheat Zydeco if you want a New Orleans beat. (See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB0p34OBSvA)

    Something I found so, so cool is the Klazz Brothers, “Classic Meets Cuba.” (See: http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/6661292/a/Classic+Meets+Cuba.htm) It’s classical music – if you know your Mozart and Beethoven you’ll recognize the music – but it’s infused with a Cuban/Latin style. Absolutely fantastic if you like both genres. You can sample some of their music through YouTube though the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired. Go here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MQ2LHzF9kE – for Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 with a Cuban beat. Mind blowing!

  • Scott Hutson

    This is another example of how I think Jeffsaddmind helps me to see through the cloud(another subject),by seeing others thoughts and my own in writing.

    It dawned on me that lately I have been listening to blues station via sattilite on my T.V.(it’s free,comes with the basic package). I heard a song written @ recorded many yr.s before I was even born. While listening, I noticed it sounded like a Led Zep song. It was! So I think the connection for me is my love of blues guitar and rythym, that I can hear in almost every new and old song out there.

    Carmen, Gregg Almen was Quoted saying “Wrap is just a short a way of saying Crap”….Just something I heard.


  • Scott Hutson

    Sorry,I need to learn how to use Spell-Check..Sorry Gregg Allman.

  • Carmen

    Scott, Way to go Allman! That’s an Allman Brother right? I know music, but I don’t know musicians.

    Jeff~ I checked out those sights-I loved them! Have the day off today and have been on the pc all day checkin out utube and listening to music. I put in blues jazz and got a bunch of awsome stuff. Needless to say, today was a great stress free day filled with music. *Must be off by 430 in time to pick up kids from day care :-) *

    Does anyone feel a major difference in themselves during an adreniline rush? I do. I feel as if I AM NORMAL! When off my meds the only other thing that gave me that normal feeling would be and adreniline rush.

  • Jeff


    The right music can, well, transform me into a whole different human being (well…momentarily at best).

  • Carmen

    Jeff~I know what you mean

  • Carmen

    When I go back roading, going fast through the ditches filled with water coming up all around me, I get sort of a euphoic as if nothing in the world cant touch me now, and all is well. I love that feeling. And when loud music is present…NOTHING beats that.

  • Scott Hutson


    Yep,Allman Brothers is right. Try em out.As I would have said,in my obvious Okie accent,w/incorrect grammer and sentence structure,to one of my Okie brothers,;”If that dont put a giddyup in yer step,Hoss,thay aint nuthin gunna!”


  • Scott Hutson

    Also, before I “Beat a horse to death” on this music theme of my posts…”Goose Creek Symphony” is a band thats been around for over 30 yrs, You may be interested in. They have been one of my favorites, for foot stompin music, for many yrs. goosecreeksymphony.com is a place to start,but amazon or whoever you use will have better prices I think. I’m not a salesman btw. Just love music of all kinds.


  • Carmen

    Scott- Checked out the site. Nice. Very Twangy. I liked it.

  • Scott Hutson


    Just remembered something about lyrics,spurred by your “May not understand a word they say”. A few yrs. back I heard someone endorsing his book called “Excuse Me If I Kiss this Guy” …refering to Jimmy Hendricks “Puple Haze” Lyrics. And how lyrics are heard and the funny examples of many songs and Lyrics being sung along with,while listening.

    I didnt get the book,but understood very well how funny it is hear someone singing what they think are the lyrics.

    Also, one of the 1st songs I learned to play on my guitar 20some yrs. ago was “Friend Of The Devil” by Greatfull Dead. To most ppl the title may sound like an evil song…When it is in fact just a song about a mans thoughts while on the run after escaping from prison he was in for the crime of bigomy.

    So the joy of listening to music,I think,should not be judged by the Artists’ political,personal,or way of life..But just enjoy the music itself.

    Though I do like to understand lyrics that I can find personal stimulation via of the subject of the lyrics,when possible.


  • Jeff


    For some great laughs, go to this website: http://www.kissthisguy.com/ It’s a collection of hundreds of misheard lyrics.

  • Carmen


    My newest favorite!

  • Scott Hutson

    Oh wow!! Jeff I’m laughing so hard right now,I can barely type this,and I’ve just gotten to the Wrapped up like a …I’m guilty of that one! Then I saw “The Ants are a blowin in the wind”LOLLOLOO. Thanks so much!


  • Jeff

    Ah…I see…you visited http://www.kissthisguy.com/

  • Scott Hutson

    Yes Jeff I did and am now. Someone would “Shoot Me Now” if they were here and had to listen to some of the things I’m coming up with my way of using it to make what I think are funny to say about the pictures in my mind of,for example: Ants blowin in the wind. And quizing them about they’re own knowledge about lyrics. I better set up a door to install or something before the day turns to dark. It’s hard to stop reading the funny stuff at that sight.

  • http://markheath.wordpress.com/ mark

    I’m constantly misreading signs on the road. Mixing the words, the meaning. As long as I’m not the one driving, it’s amusing.

    I don’t notice this when I’m reading a book. Is it possible that this is an ADD thing? Or is it some form of rarefied dyslexia?

    I bring this up here because of the misheard lyric idea. I don’t think I can blame ADD for that. For the longest time I thought Bob Dylan was singing about Lady Elaine and her big brass bed, and I’d always think of Mr. Roger’s make believe neighborhood.

  • Jeff


    First…not sure if you are familiar with this website: http://kissthisguy.com/ Check it out. Very funny.

    Second, I believe dyslexia (or dyslexia-like symptoms) can sometimes be part of the package (“the gift”?) known as A.D.D. However, if these misreadings tend to be episodic and associated with a headache, then you may have a form of migraine. That should be checked with a doctor if that is the case.

  • http://markheath.wordpress.com/ Mark

    I just noticed your comment, Jeff. I’ll check out kissthisguy.com

    No headaches associated with my misreading, thank goodness. Projectile ear bleeding, but no headaches.

  • Scott Hutson

    Mark…heres some advise:Be very carefull when you go to kissthisguy.com! It can be addicting if you are like me, and enjoy taking the messages that the Artist’s/writers/poets are giving(there minds),and see the way others have interpret’ed them. It’s mind blowing!

  • Awoo

    I'm glad I read this. I remember back in High School my ADD wasn't that bad, but I was in the football team so that meant a lot of running. I was able to think more clearly and all that.

    It's been years now and I feel that my ADD has gotten worse, my previous relationship was horrible, I'm having problems with college, I have bad spending habits, I'm restless and I zone out a lot.

    This may be the time to get up off my butt and start doing some good ol' workout routines. haha

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/jeffsaddmind Jeff

      There's no doubt that the exercise will help enormously. You'll probably want to do more than that especially if you find that you still have ADD traits that…er…you're not too pleased about.

      Something that I have noticed about myself is that in the past few years I have become hyperactive. I never had that as a kid but I have it now so…keep in mind…that the ADD might "evolve." (It would be nice if it evolved out of existence but…heck…that's another story.)

  • Betsy

    Mis-hearing lyrics. Several years back, listening to Roy Orbison in the car on a particularly rainy afternoon, I kept hearing him say, in that song about heartache and pain, "the Oregon rain."__Now, I knew it couldn't be that, but no matter how many times I went back (cassette tape) to hear it again, that is what I heard. It took someone else to tell me what it really was. (And I forget, now.)__This was not long after my daughter, very young at the time, mis-heard Roy Orbison’s song, "Pretty Woman," and sang along in the back seat, "Oh, oh, Pretty Mama." (I am sure she had that right.)__

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/jeffsaddmind Jeff

      Yesterday I was listening to The Doors and wondering…what the heck is the first line to L.A. Woman? To my ears…it's incomprehensible..so…of course…I would sing "Diddle diddle diddle diddle hour ago." It ain't the words…but it's funny (at least in my mind). Turns out the first line really is, "Well, I just got into town about an hour ago."

  • Sarah F.

    OMG yes! Music and simple knitting, while reading for school, help me. The more background I can have going on, sometimes, the better. But it has to be background that doesn’t need any real attention.

    • http://jeffsaddmind.com Jeffs ADD Mind

      400% correct. It must be in the background and it cannot require attention. That’s why I like white noise and, if I’m listening to music that has lyrics, they are lyrics that I know so well I don’t have to concentrate at all…I can sing AND work.

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