Separating Life’s Wheat From The Chaff

This podcast is a recording of a presentation I had given at a business breakfast meeting. The subject is one of self-discovery and how I discovered an inner peace that I did not think was ever possible.

T his was recorded February 21, 2013. The podcast makes reference to two handouts. One is from from the March 2013 issue of Scientific American Mind, the other is from Zen Habits.
Click here to listen to the podcast entitled, “Finding Inner Peace.”

You can download this podcast by right-clicking on the “Click here” link and selecting “Save Link As”
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  • ScottHutson

    Jeff, I enjoyed listening to your presentation and obvious skills/abilities you have doing this. One of the few college credits I earned, was in written and oral composition. Standing (or sitting for that matter) in front of a group of people waiting to hear me “present” anything, was not one of my best, of what few or any skills I would have, or do have. Of course I wasn’t there to watch you, but I admire the way you sound and seam to feel at ease or….”comfortable” may be the word I’m thinking. That being said,,,,I understood the point, and even though we have never met, I have ‘seen’ the GREAT results of your strategies, which have included meditation/Yoga. And of course, “Taking Charge of Adult ADHD” strategies. So, it is very encouraging to me and Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and journey with us all! Whether we know it, like it or not, we are all in this together, learning from each other.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Thank you!! And you are quite right when you say that we are all learning from one another. The different blogs, podcasts, and videos out there have provided different insights into the wonderful “gift” of ADHD, different ways in which we can understand “the gift” and learn to live a productive life despite it.

      • ScottHutson

        Your welcome Jeff! I am seriously considering adding ‘Meditation’ as a source to improve my ‘quality of life’. I need to stop being so skeptical about things that I know so little about. What I find interesting is a funny coincidence in the timing of a letter I received from my Nuero Dr’s P.A. the day after I listened to your presentation and posted my last comment here. She’s the one that I talk to the most about cognition. Goes over the results of the standard tests, Q. and A mutiple choice, and so on. In her letter she said she dosen’t typically recommend information from webmd, but she did like one on a summary of things that she found about “6 Top Concentration Killers” and thought I may be interested about it and typed the whole article out for me to read. (I haven’t searched the site yet) but there was mention of meditation recommened in the “Mental Distractions” section. It was only a pharagraph in the that section, but it does sound like something worth considering, being that so many have suggested that I do over the years.

        • Jeffs ADD Mind

          The world is trying to telling you something. Maybe it’s time to try meditation.

  • Bill Demore

    Finding inner peace is far and away the most important thing yo can do. The one thing that is the common denominator in every single situation in your life is you. That sounds pretty basic and obvious, but think about it. If I find a way to make myself better; by thinking more clearly, communicating better, understanding how i learn better etc. that is going to positively effect everything I do and everyone I come in contact with. Without a doubt that has a very real possibility of improving the very world we live in. All knowledge has to eventually lead to self-knowledge or it is lacking.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      “the common denominator in every single situation in your life is you.” – Yup. Wherever you go…there you are. That’s the problem with going on vacation thinking that your life will improve. You keep taking “you” along on the vacation, thinking that “you” will be a different you. ;)

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