Scrambled Eggs…for Brains

T here are times when my brain feels like scrambled eggs. The day is like a fog and I can’t concentrate on a thing. This seems to follow periods of clarity when I am going through a manic state of hyper-productivity. It seems that it is the aftermath of the state of clarity as if an edifice were erected (state of clarity) and then it disintegrates into pieces.

It would seem that there are several converging factors here because the scrambled eggs feeling is also accompanied by a perpetual sleepiness. So here, then, is the pattern.

  1. Everything suddenly seems to “come together.”
  2. You enter a hyper-productive mode.
  3. Hyper-productivity requires a lot of energy.
  4. Eventually hyper-productivity turns into a stumbling motion where things start to fall apart…what you thought you were holding together starts to lose pieces at the edges, sort of like an object that is spinning so fast parts of it are flying off.
  5. Eventually the entire edifice crumbles.
  6. You then enter the “scrambled eggs” stage where everything is a jumble and you are always sleepy.
  7. Scrambled eggs stage may last days or it has even lasted weeks (my wife might add that it has lasted years! ;) ).
  8. Then a metamorphosis occurs and things come back together.

I’ve thought of the metamorphosis as, in a sense, putting myself back together. But what happens is that, sometimes, the person that is put back together is not the same as the one that crumbled. I can come back as an intellectual one time, Mr. Handyman the next or some amalgam of the two with the proportions having changed. This is sometimes accompanied by a sleepless night, as if an internal mental battle has been taking place and has awoken me from sleep.

[Added on July 2, 2007] Someone used the analogy of a piano…I’m in tune for a period of time…then I go out of tune…then back into tune. I kinda like that analogy!

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  • RalphCSavage

    Sounds a lot like me. I like the way you worded it thanks for the insight.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Thank you, Ralph.

  • Lainey

    I’m definitely in a ‘scrambled eggs’ time. I’m in the midst of writing a post about it in fact (you can see it the next day or so at my very inconsistent blog I don’t think I can truly express what a blessing it’s been to find your blog.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Ah…you found one of my favorite posts.

      “I don’t think I can truly express what a blessing it’s been to find your blog.” – Wow! (I’m blushing) Thank you!!

  • crazymom

    I did a search for scrambled egg brains and found you. I just wish I could touch someone and let them see what it is like in my head. My husband keeps wondering how I could spend 3 hours in Walmart. I literally just wander aimlessly sometimes while there is a constant static in my head. I do o.k. if I have a list, but I often lose it just on the way to the store. I am so grateful there are freaks like me out there! Thanks!

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Welcome to the blog, crazymom! Feel free to roam around and comment. There’s plenty of stuff on here.

      “let them see what it is like in my head” – Tell this to your husband: imagine that you have a radio that tunes in every station simultaneously and every day you try your hardest to listen ONLY to your favorite station while trying to ignore all of the others. Alternately, here’s another way to explain it. Imagine that the inside of your head is a 12-screen multiplex theater. Oh. And all the walls are missing and somehow you are expected to concentrate on only one movie at a time.

  • Cottonhead

    Oh my! This sounds exactly like I feel! It’s like I come together and alive for a week or two, maybe a month, and then I can feel the cotton balls filling up my head again and I try to fight it but I never win, and it’s back to feeling half asleep again for weeks, sometimes months. And the sleepy phases seem to be getting longer.

    I talked to two doctors but they just tell me to exercise and take supplements, but it’s not helping. Who would I need to see to find out if I have ADD?

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      You’ll want to be evaluated by a psychiatrist who can provide a diagnosis and suggest proper medication.

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