Poetry in Spam

This is a non-ADD related post.

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According to Akismet, over the past two years or so it has caught 10,757 spam comments posted to my blog. Most of the time I ignore the spam though, once in a while, I take a look to see if Akismet flagged something as spam that is a legitimate comment. It was during a recent examination of the spam that I detected the anti-intellectual nature of Akismet. Devoid of a sense of aesthetics, Akismet’s inability to understand the multiple layers of meaning and metaphor causes it to flag items as spam that are, in fact, a form of poetry. Perhaps the developers responsible for Akismet will address this issue in the near future. However, I felt it was imperative that I save some of the poems from digital purgatory. So, for your enjoyment, I present two of the best “spam” poems posted to my blog. I added punctuation where required.

The Depressed Mood

Contributed by Don Polov at g mail dot com

Sometimes the depressed mood,
may in everyday English,
refer to appetite-suppressing drugs.

Both of these areas,
without fear of forgetting anything from days each month.
None of these infections
cause patients to alienate
those of men.

Sinus infections.
Cold symptoms.
Last anything from jet lag
or short-term anxiety.

Buy oxycodone without getting scamed.

It was possibly
chronic, gloom and despondency
that women take
have a decreased requirements
for physical examination or lab tests.


Roxio Creator Autopsy Photos

Contributed by Rauscher Muqohen 1759 at g mail dot com

Roxio Creator.
Autopsy Photos.
Wrestling news.

Autopsy Photos
Sell books.
Gielgud theatre,
Overseas jobs.

Free Porno Download!
French bulldogs!
Free Porno Download!
Autometer Gauges!

Cairn Terriers.
Urdu stories.
Red Heart Yarn.
Badminton coaching.

Red Heart Yarn.
Hello kitty.
Her clips.
Michael Morgan.

Free Porno Download!
Cactus plants!
Free Porno Download!
Leadership theories!

Free Porn Download!
Gang nicknames!
Free Porn Download!
Seo company!

Cool games.
IAMS coupons.
Amc Theatre.
Catherine Bell.

Amc Theatre.
IAMS coupons.
Call Block.

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[ The following was added on Sept. 5, 2009]

Can spam express feelings and emotion? The question seems nonsensical yet the following piece of spam makes me think that, perhaps, spammers are akin to forlorn lovers who are trapped on one of the levels of Dante’s Digital Purgatory.

Jimmy, from Herzegovina, writes:

How are you feeling.
I am from Herzegovina and also now’m speaking English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Absolute icelanders came to be distributed on ses and vice-versa.”

Regards :( Jimmy.

If you want to reach out to this poor soul, you can reach Jimmy at kormane at walla dot co dot il. If Jimmy does not respond to your emails, please be patient. Based on the IP address of his spam, it seems he may be vacationing in Montevideo.

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