People Google The Darnedest Things, Revisited

P eople search for the darnedest things and their search terms show up in a web site's statistics. I've pulled out a few interesting search terms (in italics below) that have shown up in this site's statistics. Oh…I've also provided the answer that was sought.

  • aspergers versus adhd: Hmmm…aspergers…adhd…aspergers…adhd. I choose none of the above.
  • ADD cures: Sorry to disappoint you. ADD cures nothing.
  • could ADHD be in your head?: Were you thinking it was in your tuchus? [note 1]
  • what does a brain tumour look like: [note 2] A lump in your head.
  • snake oil: Great for eliminating squeaky snakes

  1. "TUCHUS – your bottom, buttocks. By the 1940's, a slang version in use was 'tushee', which later was shortened to 'tush', now in regular use throughout American culture, thanks to Jewish film makers." Source: Yiddish Glossary
  2. This search phrase has shown up many times in this site's statistics. Is it possible that people are purchasing the new Ronco MRI Machine, which is great for checking for lumps in your head while you are relaxing and watching a football game?
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  • ginapera

    could ADHD be in your head?: Were you thinking it was in your tuchus?

    Thanks for the laughs, Jeff. I’m enjoying your site. As a volunteer in the ADHD community, I know well how important it is for us all to speak honestly about these ADHD issues. It’s the only way we’re going to make it into the 21st Century intact. Thanks for doing it in such an entertaining way.

    I also would like to know how much is that wonderful picture of the little bird on the branch of peach (?) blossoms. I just love it. I look forward every year to our peach tree blossoming and the little green finches twittering amidst the buds as they dart in and out to the bird feeder. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


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