People Google The Darndest Things

People search for the darnedest things and their search terms show up in a web site's statistics. I've pulled out a few interesting search terms (in italics below) that have shown up in this site's statistics. Oh…I've also provided the answer that was sought.

  1. a.d.d. cures – Sorry to disappoint you but A.D.D. cures nothing.
  2. walk to cure add/adhd – That's going to be a VERY LONG walk.
  3. adhd parallel universe – "alternate" universe may be a better description.
  4. funny feeling in head could it be a brain tumor – Bad news. You are right. You have five days to live.
  5. compulsive sex and adult add/adhd – Really? Compulsive sex and A.D.D.? Nah! Couldn't happen.
  6. is a.d.d. a gift – Yes…and so is Pandora's Box.
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