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The Diabetic Life of the ADHDer
Examines the similarities between life as a diabetic and
as an ADHDer

He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life -
Answering Questions About ADHD, Parts I & II
You don’t read this post…you watch the videos!!

Paper-Based Planning for the ADHDer
We’ve all got our own styles…and here’s a look
at my ADHD style of planning.

Does ADHD Medication Ruin Creativity?
It’s not supposed to ruin creativity but…read the
comments to the post.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Adult ADHD In A Social Setting
We deal with our ADHD in different ways. I often hide
in plain sight.

Latest Issue of ADDitude Magazine Is
Dedicated To Jeff’s ADD Mind
Yes!! IT’S TRUE!! The ENTIRE ISSURE is dedicated to me and
my blog. Well…maybe that’s an exaggeration…sorta.

Your Precious Email…Bah…Humbug!
Too much email in the inbox? Here’s a cure for
that problem.


Please take a look at Dr. Parker’s new eBook, “ADHD Medication
Rules: Paying Attention To The Meds For Paying Attention.”
Written for the intelligent layperson, Dr. Parker has created
a new paradigm for the treatment and diagnosis of ADHD.
(I will soon be posting a review of the book.)


Jennifer Koretsky has again put together a “virtual” ADHD
conference. This is the third virtual conference and they have
been well received. The next one is scheduled for
October 4-6, 2010. Some of the speakers at the conference
include Edward Hallowell, Ari Tuckman, Charles Parker and
many others. A full conference agenda and list of speakers
can be found on the conference website.


He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life -
Answering Questions About ADHD, Parts I & II
You don’t read this post…you watch the videos!!


There Is No Time (VIDEO)
History provides opportunities that we should not ignore.

Your Middle Class Existence Has Now Come To An End.
Hopefully You Enjoyed It While It Lasted. (VIDEO)
How did we get in this economic mess?

Let Us Burn The Koran And…(VIDEOS)
Don’t be fooled by the title. I’m not advocating burning
books…I’m really aiming at something else.

News From The Not Too Distant Future
What might the future look life if Verizon and Google merged?

What others are saying about JeffsADDMind:
“Jeff…writes highly analytic and thoughtful posts about how
the condition complicates, colors, and otherwise confounds
normal life”
- Mike Doyle,
“Jeff’s writing is intelligent, darkly funny and
- Zoë Kessler,
“Thank you, Jeff and your ADD Mind, for blazing the trail
as a pioneer blogger on ADHD.”
- Gina Pera,

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