T hese are the fifteen most read ADHD-related posts for 2010. Interestingly, the post in the number one position is a short post that I wrote three years ago. But it DOES deal with everyone’s favorite topic so it gets a lot of hits…as does the third most read post. Some of the other popular posts deal with the mythology of ADHD (is it a gift or a curse? does ADHD even exist?) and one of my favorite posts made it to position twelve.

Feel free to comment on these posts. Don’t worry if the post is old. The topic is still relevant.

  1. Adult ADD & Sex
  2. The Gift Of…
  3. Sex And The Adult ADHDer: When Fantasy Meets Reality
  4. Advice for the Adult ADHD Newbie
  5. You Have A.D.D./A.D.H.D. and You Will NOT Be Rich and Famous
  6. Is A.D.H.D./A.D.D. A Gift or A Curse?
  7. ADHD vs Normal (Non-ADHD) Adult Thinking
  8. Overcoming ADHD Without Drugs
  9. Adult ADD As A Form of Madness
  10. The Gift of ADHD: A Documentary
  11. Does God’s Foreknowledge Preclude Mankind’s Free Will, or, Can You Have A.D.D. and Be Happy?
  12. The A.D.D.er Can Not Understand Life Because the A.D.D.er Can Not Understand Time
  13. Colors of ADHD
  14. It’s All In Your Head: The Logic of the A.D.D. Deniers
  15. Does ADHD Medication Ruin Creativity?
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