Minority Report: Should We Start The Anti-Trust Lawsuit Now?

W ith each passing day Google is sounding more and more like Microsoft before Microsoft got hit with an anti-trust lawsuit. By the time that lawsuit came along, they had already manipulated the PC manufacturers into offering only their operating system; they had already wiped off the earth any competing web browser (namely Netscape Navigator); they had firmly embedded Internet Explorer into their operating system, and they had either acquired or mimicked competing software applications in order to be able to put competitors out of business. We now have Google dominating 99 and 44/100ths of the search market (though Google is not as pure and innocent as Ivory Snow); they dominate the electronic library — claiming de facto copyright on publications whose copyright may be in question; they have made their push into the cellphone market; they have made their push into the office application market (Google docs), and they recently announced they will be developing an IPad-like device. So what’s left for them to do? If they can create an online pedophilia-free religion where the priest tweets the sermon and we retweet our “Amens,” then they can call it a day and we can finally get down to doing some serious comparison shopping for products we can’t afford because we lost our jobs.

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