Mark Twain…”On Habits”

A habit cannot be tossed out the window.
It must be coaxed down the stairs, a step at a time.

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  • Ellen

    You know, it’s funny… until recently, I always thought of habits in terms of needing to acquire good habits; I never really considered I had BAD habits to get rid of. Wow, what a narcissist…

  • Katy B.

    My first (impulsive, ADHD) response was similar Ellen, something along the lines of “wow, never thought I’d say this but Mark Twain was clearly a moron, I throw habits out for the wolves to dine upon even before they’re fully formed every day!”. Then went “oh”.

    Actually though, in my ADHD way, I have had several habits that I’ve actively thrown out the window this year in the name of “learning better habits”, only to discover that after all, not all of them were bad at all. Some of them I relied upon in positive ways and totally floundered without, although I tried “new” methods to replace some of them. Re-discovering them has been a relieving breath of un-fresh air.

    Perhaps Twain, despite his clever word and thought smithing, needed to develop a more “hands-on” relationship with his habits? ;)

  • Scott Hutson

    I see much wisdom in Mark’s(Sam’s)thoughts about habits(and many other things he wrote or said). I think, for me, knowing very well that I am not/was’nt strong when it comes/came to adjusting my diet,self medicating….and so on.

    Cold Turkey is easy to say. But fixen a sandwich w/o alot of sweet cornbread dressing and miracle whip with the cold turkey…….I had to use a little less sweet stuff and slowly get used to diet stuff etc..So Mark Twain is right! If he was talking about guys like me…

  • Ellen

    Katy B, I can’t seem to comment over at your blog (I don’t have the correct memberships to various services) but I just wanted to say that you and I were apparently separated at birth.

  • Scott Hutson

    Or could it be possible that both y’all were born Feb.2, 1986? ….Samuel Langhorne Clemens 1838-1910(r.i.p.)

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