Making Pizza: Looks Lousy…Tastes Great

Some people are really good with handling dough and making it do what they want it to do. I’m not one of them. Perhaps I will get better with practice so, for now, I’m concerned less about aesthetics and more about taste.

After making a pletzel, I realized that it wasn’t difficult to get a good crust that could be used to make other things like…pizza. Purists may turn their nose up at the ingredients I’ve used to make pizza but…the result is great and if you are pressed for time, it doesn’t take long to put this all together. You need about 15 minutes preparation and cooking time is 15-18 minutes.


  • Shredded Mozzarella cheese (you’ll need about 4 ounces)
  • Tomato Sauce (the Barilla marinara sauce has a good consistency for pizza sauce)
  • Dough (many stores sell either fresh or frozen pizza dough)
  • Pepperoni or whatever other topping you like (mushrooms, sausage (should be precooked), etc.)
  • Other items: baking pan or stone. If you use a baking pan, use parchment paper.

Ingredients for the Pizza: cheese, sauce, dough and pepperoni


  • Struggle with the damned dough (which will fight you) to get it into a shape that will work for you. Since I’m using a baking pan I sort of aim for a rectangular shape.
  • Pizza dough often requires that you use a lot of flour to keep it from sticking to everything. You’ll want to make sure you sprinkle a nice amount of flour on the dough, on your work surface, rolling pin (if you use one) and a bit on your hands.
  • I use a rolling pin, at least initially, to get it to stretch out but the final shaping is done by hand.
  • The dough may become easier to work with once it comes to room temperature.
  • You need to create a ridge along the outside of the pizza. It can be very small but enough of a “bump” that cheese and sauce won’t dribble out during the baking process. I create the bump by pinching the edges of the dough and, well, making a little bump/ridge.
  • You’ll bake the pizza at 450 degrees F for about 15 -18 minutes. Important: after it has been in the oven about 10 minutes, grab a sharp knife, open the oven, and stab any bubbles that are forming. They can get to be VERY large.

For GREAT looking pizza, see this post!

Remember...I'm worried more about good taste and LESS about good looks.

Once I got the dough on the pan, I shaped it a bit more.

My kitchen helpers. Always Alert. Ready for anything that may fall off the kitchen table or counter top.'s the sauce on the pizza. I put about four to five tablespoons of sauce and spread it out thin using the back of a soup ladle.

Can ya guess this one? is the cheese.

Then, finally, the pepperoni. I cut the pepperoni into little pieces.

Voila! All done! Takes about 15-18 minutes.

A nice slice! You'll need to let the pizza cool down for about five minutes and PLEASE purchase a high quality pizza cutter.

If you are ambitious you may want to check this out on Foodista.

Interesting article from the NY Times: The Slow Route to Homemade Pizza

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  • Gina Pera

    That’s amore!!

    Looks great, paisan!.

    I’ll share it with my husband; maybe it will inspire him.

    • Jeff

      I made it again last night. This time I covered it with thinly sliced eggplant and covered half the pizza with some pepperoni. Tasted great. I’m getting better with shaping the dough…but I think everyone in my household wants me to take a break from making pizza. When I learn a new recipe…I tend to make it again and again. But there were no complaints when I made Chicken Sorrentino the other night. ;)

      • Scott Hutson

        Good stuff Jeff! Barrila makes tasty sauces. No rolling pin here, I normaly ( normal? lol) use empty glass jars and spray em w/Pam, or wipe thin coat of oil on em.(keeps the dough from sticking), and yeah, gotta have flour handy for the rolling surface. Wish I could toss dough like the Pizza Pro’s do. I have tried a few times, but it gets messy.

        I love anchovies on pizza, but no one else does, so I don’t put em on. Lots of various toppings to choose, eggplant sounds like a great idea! I’m kinda like that kid Mikey, I’ll eat anything…sometimes I get a bit too inventive though,lol. Out here in the country at least I can toss it out back and it will be a meal for cayote’s(plural of cayote?)or some other varmit out for a midnight snack. :) Good recipe Jeff! Funny dough shapes make it better I think, it gives it home-made unique look!

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  • Haeley

    This is just throwing prepared products together. I like some of your other stuff better, maybe try to make the sauce or dough from scratch next time.

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