Like Rip Van Winkle

I feel I’ve been asleep for the past ten years…and just woke up only to realize that the whole world has passed me by. I’ve spent the past ten years in “the tyranny of now” with nearly all (most?) of my time spent on fighting the daily onslaught of too much mental chatter. On some level I thought something magical was going to happen (what? money would suddenly drop down from the sky? the business deal of a lifetime would magically appear?) and spent much of my day, well, day dreaming.


I found the following quote: “Sometimes people with AD/HD are years behind the curve” from The Splintered Mind.

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  • David Ip

    I am exactly 10 years behind the curve.

  • Jeff

    Hmmmm…I’d probably say I’m closer to 15 years behind the curve but…thank goodness I’m an eternal optimist. At the rate I am going I figure my mental state will catch up to my biological/chronological state when I turn 97. ;)

  • Scott Hutson

    Oh yes! I think I will probably be lead guitar in a local band, well on it’s way to success…by the time I am 25! Oh crap! I’m 49! I wonder if Leon Russel remembers me when I met him at the Big Diamond Saloon 20 yrs ago?

    Nope, I was “Lost in an ADD Masquerade”.

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