Kvetching About My Laptop or, Why I Hate the Dell Latitude D630C

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Kvetch: To complain persistently and whiningly (Source: Kvetch)

I should be thankful. At my new job (now there for six months) they bought me a new laptop. [note 1] So you think I would be thankful for my new laptop, no? Of course I am…NOT. So…I present to you…my complaint list of all the things I hate about this new laptop. 

Why I Hate the Dell Latitude D630C 

1.    A wonderful screen…if you can see it.
    a.    I am 50 years old. I am near-sighted. I have progressive lenses. I can’t see the screen as well as I would like (unless my face is smashed up against the screen). I’ve changed the default font size for MS Windows but that only effects changes with some aspects of Windows and not others. If I drop the screen resolution the fonts turn fuzzy.

2.    Terrible sound
    a.    Only one dinky speaker? That’s all you could spare? At least the sound is good once I plug in headphones.

3.    Built-in microphone?
    a.    Doesn’t exist. My six year old Thinkpad has one.

4.    Built-in keyboard light?
    a.    Doesn’t exist. My six year old Thinkpad has one.

5.    Take your pointer and shove it.
    a.    I like the eraserhead on my old Thinkpad. I tried to get used to the Dell version. I eventually turned it off. I’m learning how to love the touchpad. (Hint: I still like to hook up a mouse.)

6.    Touchpad sucks
    a.    Something is screwed up with the touchpad. A light touch does make the pointer move…and then sometimes it doesn't. Other times a light touch is misinterpreted as a double-click. Maybe I will play with the sensitivity…again.

7.    AC Cord too short
    a.    The AC Cord/External Power Supply could have a longer cord…about two feet longer. Again, compared to my old Thinkpad, the cord is short.

8.    What I Do Like
    a.    Nice feel to the keyboard. Good click and enough resistance that it doesn’t feel mushy.
    b.    The screen is nice and bright even if you can’t read a darned thing.
    c.    Batteries are good. They seem to hold a charge quite nicely. But, of course,they are new batteries. Let’s see how they hold up after two years of charges and discharges.

  1. I take this as a hint that they want me to stay.
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