Kiss Your Distractions Goodbye

Do one thing at a time

G ood writing requires imagination, skill, and a distraction-free environment. Though Google hasn’t debuted a web service that can magically provide the first two requirements — I’m sure they are working on it — the development team at herraizsoto&co. has provided the last requirement. Their software — Ommwriter — provides a serene, distraction-free writing environment. It’s just you and your writing. Ommwriter creates this magical environment by eliminating computer-based distractions. The software combines a stripped down word processor — it has only basic functions such as cut, copy, paste, etc. — with a selection of soft, non-distracting visual backgrounds — soft colors; muted landscape, etc. — and a choice of sounds — the tap, tap, tap of typewriter keys; soft musical bells; cafeteria noises, etc. — or, if you prefer, no sounds at all. The final touch is the way it dominates your computer. It hides the other software programs by taking up the entire screen. With Ommwriter, say goodbye to multitasking, say hello to monotasking.

“I See Nothing!” – Sergeant Schultz

The screenshot below is the clean and distraction-free Ommwriter window.


The clean look of Ommwriter.

Moving your mouse makes several buttons appear on the right-hand side. See below.

Moving your mouse makes the buttons appear.

When you want to format your document for print or other purposes, you can save it as a plain text or RTF document. Then you can open that document in a full-featured word processing program for more stylized formatting.

Ommwriter is available for Windows, Mac, and iPad. You can try it for free and when you are ready to upgrade (the upgrade provides more backgrounds and more sounds), you determine how much you want to pay. See:

To see Ommwriter in action, watch the video below. I recommend going to full-screen view.



Distraction-free environment: Some people like non-distracting noise that, nowadays, can be found in many coffee shops. An overheard conversation can become ‘research’ for your current writing project. The computer, however, creates a different set of distractions that can pull your attention away from the task at hand.

I’m sure they are working on it: I’m sure that Google will develop an algorithm that creates something that looks like imagination and skill. This does not mean that imagination and skill are reducible to algorithms. More likely, we will reduce the meaning of those concepts to coincide with the product of the algorithm.





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  • Rosalind

    Free download is for PC but you have to pay for MAC. :(

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      I must have gotten the free MAC version during a special promo. If you have access to a Windows machine, you may want to download the free version to check it out on that machine. I’ve used them on both platforms. They work the same.

  • ADD Ian

    For those who use Linux and are interested in the Ommwriter concept, there’s a program called Skrywer 2 for around $3, which is supposed to be a “distraction free text editor”.

    I cannot vouch for it as I’ve never used it, but one to investigate.

  • ADD Ian

    There are others for free featured at OMG! Ubuntu!Presumably, if they work with Ubuntu, they should be available for other Linux systems, namely Marave, PyRoom, TextRoom and FocusWriter. Article on TextRoom with links to the other here (all free of charge):

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Thanks so much for sharing this info.

      • ADD Ian

        No worries Jeff. And just to add, TextRoom is also available on a free licence for Windows and MAC OS:

        The others might be too but I haven’t had time to check or even assess any of these as compared to Ommwriter

  • Mikah

    I use a program called WriteMonkey for Windows that is similar. It’s pretty serene. When I remember to use it.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      There’s something that recently came out called Draft ( It’s strictly for online use. But I’ll tell you, nothing can beat pen and paper.

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