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  • The Argonne Chronicles: “Tales from my mixed-up life: mom of a creative and imaginative boy with ADHD; wife of a wannabe rock star; and a working JoAnn who yearns to be a successful writer and travel the world.”
  • Mommy needs therapy or a bottle of wine: Kristine blogs about her family of two boys, one of whom has ADHD.
  • We’re Swimming in Alphabet Soup: “I am mom to three beautiful children and wife of nearly 12 years. My kids are 9, 6 and 1. My 9 year old, Blake*, has ADHD and also has some more in the ABC’s….we’re trying to figure it out, my 6 year old, James* has ADHD and my 15 month old, L is a 15 month old!”
  • Can Mom Be Calm?: “Raising Two Special Needs Children Without Anxiety and Depression”
  • a mom’s view of ADHD: Penny writes about the everyday experiences of parenting her young ADHD son.
  • Charlotte’s ADHD Web: “Charlotte’s ADHD Web contains frequent, short blogs. I’m a mom in the trenches of “Battle-Zone ADHD” and writing about it is sort of like therapy! I absolutely adore my wild child!”

I thank Lenore Skenazy’s recent Tweet that led me to the post Free-Range ADHD child and, from there, to the other blogs. Thank you, JoAnn, for your blog list.

A Free-Range child? It has nothing to do with feeding your children free-range chickens. (However, see my note below about free-range chickens.) The idea started from a seemingly innocuous act that Skenazy described in a column she had written for The New York Sun. She notes on her blog:

When I wrote a column for The New York Sun on “Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Take The Subway Alone,” I figured I’d get a few e-mails pro and con.

Two days later I was on the Today Show, MSNBC, FoxNews and all manner of talk radio with a new title under my smiling face: “America’s Worst Mom?”

It took only a bit of research for her to realize that our fretting over our children, worrying that they will be abducted by strangers at any moment, is really a case of media hysteria. Lenore notes that the number of child abductions by strangers was 115 in 2006. So millions of children need to be shackled to their homes because 115 children are abducted? (With those odds, your child is more likely to be hit by a flying toilet.) “Children, like chickens,” Skenazy writes, “deserve a life outside the cage. The overprotected life is stunting and stifling, not to mention boring for all concerned.”

Lenore’s blog: Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children.

Jeff’s Fact Check:

This same number – 115 – appears on the Missing and Exploited Children website. There were 74 million children in 2006. So about 0.000001% of our children are abducted by strangers. However, about 200,000 children are abducted by family members. It seems that we’ve been worrying about the wrong event. We should be keeping an eye on our relatives.

My Research on Free-Range Chickens:

NOTE: The following is based on my extensive research on the subject of Free-Range Chickens and has nothing to do with the concept of free-range kids or the blog of the same name.

Unbeknownst to many of my dedicated readers, I’m considered to be well known within the field of chickenology. As a chickenologist I’ve tried to understand the complexities of chicken in both its physical and spiritual manifestations. Examples of my research on the physical nature of chickens are here, here, here and here. What follows are my professional musings on the spiritual nature of the free-range chicken.

A free-range chicken is a chicken that is allowed to explore its “chicken-ness.” The concept of “free-range chicken” developed out of the chicken liberation movement though it has been difficult to precisely determine a date when this movement came into existence. Despite the seemingly long pedigree of the free-range chicken movement, it has not produced any philosophical works about the unexamined chicken life, the fragility of chicken life itself or how the reality of free-range-ness contrasts with the more common, unfree-range chicken existence. [note 1]  Further, there has been no evidence of a Friedan or Steinem who has been instrumental in this liberation movement, nor has there been evidence of a chicken counter-revolution led by a Schlafly-influenced anti-free-range chicken proponent. Some have speculated that the lack of philosophical works or, at the minimum, a free-range Descartes — “I cluck, therefore I am” — is a consequence, not of their inability for metaphysical inquiry, but a consequence of their crude technology. As far as we can tell, chickens have no writing instruments other than their claws, and have nothing to write on, except the very ground they walk on. It is possible that, over time, we may discover a chicken semiotics which may help us to extract meaning out of their chicken scratches and, in so doing, discover the hitherto unknown Descartes, Friedan or, more likely, Thoreau of the chicken world.


  1. One commentator has pointed out that the term “unfree-range” is a bit of Orwellian newspeak that has the effect of erasing our mental images of chickens in chicken coops. Further, it numbs us to the reality of the unfree chicken life where the population density within the coop makes the chickens depressed. Freudian chickenologists (psychologists specializing in the field of chicken psychology) refer to this feeling as “being cooped up.”
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