In The A.D.D. Blogosphere

  • A.D.D. in the Windy City: Mike has written a beautifully concise and cogent description of life with A.D.D. He’s brought together the issues – and the explanations – that will have every shaking their heads in agreement and, at times, laughing at themselves. (Mike is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.)
  • 18 Channels: Katy’s posts capture the frenetic nature of the A.D.D. life. But I must warn you. A good friend pointed out to me that you may have difficulty reading her posts. The fish can be quite distracting.
  • Adult A.D.D. & Money: John offers consistently solid advice on dealing with the ever-present problems of finance. At the blog, you may want to start off with his Adult ADD/ADHD Money Guide. If you need a little help (incentive?) to put away some money for a rainy day, read the post Emergency Funds.
  • Experiencing ADDvantages: Not long after I figured out that I had A.D.D., I found Jennifer’s website and subscribed to her newsletter. She always has good advice and it is always delivered in an easy to understand style. You might want to start with this post about slowing down the A.D.D. brain.
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  • Katy B.

    MOOOHAHAHAHAHA, you’re onto my evil plan with “the fish”…I love watching those fish, you can’t say I don’t “know my audience”. Even worse, if you click on them, you can get your OWN tank of fish and pick your own fish colors and amounts of fish…pretty soon you won’t be thinking about ADHD anymore at all, just hyperfocusing on fish. And did you notice that they follow your mouse…yeah…

    (Thanks for the links too, my ADHD money and I could use some assistance…34 and no retirement plan in sight…yikes…! And slowing the brain? Oh yes…I believe the word you used was frenetic…and how!)

  • Carmen

    Soooo….I read this comment, went to 18 Channels, played with the fish, and burnt dinner!!! They were so much fun! I ended up having the fish race my mouse to see which one would win(over and over again)!

  • Scott Hutson

    Very cool Katy! Now should I be embarrassed? Or was I not paying attn.? Or both? As you know, I’ve been to your blog a few times, and commented with some of my weird thoughts :) . But I never noticed the fish, until just now. Have they always been there?


  • Katy B.

    Oh yes, les poissons rouges (and jaunes and verte, orange and all the rest) have always been there. And clearly once I installed the first “tank” I was in LOVE with them and I had to add two more tanks…if that isn’t ADHD for you, I don’t know what is ;)

  • John MacKenzie

    Thanks for the mention.

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