Illness Suppresses A.D.D.

A n interesting blog post at ADDitude corroborates something I had noticed quite some time ago, namely that being sick helps reduce A.D.D. symptoms. The author of the ADDitude post noted “As my daughter’s temperature went up, her ADHD symptoms subsided–the fever effect made the ADD go away. For a few days.” Back in 2007 I wrote, “I accidentally discovered that some of my most productive days are when I am sick….” One wonders what is going on here.

Quite coincidentally, an article in American Scientist examines some accidental discoveries of the 19th century, specifically in the battle against cancer. It was discovered that “acute infection—in contrast to chronic infection, which sometimes causes cancer—can help a body fight tumors.” That is, inducing an infection and a fever, in some cases, reduced and sometimes eliminated tumors.

These two phenomena, fever and A.D.D. and fever and cancer, are not in any way linked. There is only a superficial link, the fever. However, it is an interesting coincidence that fevers can have a beneficial effect.

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