How To Cure A.D.D.

Disclaimer: DNWFE. This is what has worked for me.

1. Get A Job: Toss out the window your delusions of being a multi-millionaire (with inflation, billionaire) within ten years. Not likely to happen. More likely you will find yourself engaged in self-created busy work that gets you nowhere. I shifted my full-time home-based business to a part-time venture. I got a full-time job that requires that I be on a train each morning at 7:46am. My desk and computer screen is visible to everyone in the office: there are no private offices. And there is no such thing as a private phone call. Every email that is sent and received is logged and stored and can be viewed by ANYONE else in the office. I thought this would drive me insane. You know what? I love it! I absorb the electricity from all of the other people around me who are engaged in business deals. I pick up their vibes and have become a selling machine.

2. Get Regular Exercise: For months I’ve been jogging 1 1/2 miles every other day. That 20 minute jog works up a great sweat and clears out my head. (See: Shoot Me Now)

3. Be On The Lookout For A.D.D.ness: Self-awareness is key. For example, I did not take any old job. I got a job doing sales. The job requires that I be in the office…sometimes. It requires that I be outside looking for prospects. Let me emphasize that again. The job requires that I be OUTSIDE! In the cold air! In the breeze! In the sunshine! In the rain! If that’s not A.D.D. heaven…I don’t know what is. And whenever my A.D.D.ness starts to act up, I just redirect it. I walk around the office and have a five minute chat with someone (business related but a chat nonetheless). I do a two minute walk around the office to “move the body.” I make a call to a prospect. I set up a quick lunch appointment. Or I open up a document I’ve been working on, put on some headphones, listen to music and type a new proposal for a new sale.

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