Help Getting to Sleep and Staying Asleep

A .D.D.ers tend to have problems sleeping. For example, this post is being written at 4:09AM EDST. These three quick tips might help you when you are going to sleep.

1 Resolve – what is on your mind and how can you put it aside until tomorrow?
2 Relax – what helps you to stop, sit down and take time out of your day?
3 Release – what helps your mind switch off and drift to think about nothing in particular?

Source: Tips for beating semisomnia

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  • Augie Weiss

    I had a conversation with my sons pediatrician about sleep issues.
    It started out as a discussion about how late he could take his meds as he tends to stay awake late doing homework. and he was off his meds making it that much harder to focus on the work causing a vicious cycle.
    I felt that he should take concerta when he got home from school as it had worn of by then. My wife refused because she worried that he would be unable to get to sleep.

    I have always been a late night person and since I could stay up when I wanted (crash later) and go to sleep when I wanted, (who wants to waist time sleeping). I figured whats the worse that could happen. He stays up all night? But if he got his work done sooner maybe he could get to sleep. I thought it was worth a try.

    I discussed with his pediatrician, it was his 18 year old check up. May 2011. She told me something interesting: (paraphrase) some people need to be on the medicine at night because it allows there minds to focus on sleep rather that all of those thoughts racing through their head keeping them awake. Ding, Ding, Ding!

    Makes sense to me.

    When I’m staying up late it’s not usually because I can’t fall asleep. More likely because I have ideas racing around my head, I’m working, surfing the internet or some other thing I’m addicted to.

    So take speed before you go to bed. This is the most counter intuitive disorder I’ve ever heard of. YRMV

    Does coffee at night keep you up? It never did for me. Now that I think about it the warm comfort may help me sleep. I think I’ll try that tonight.

    My son is a now a freshman in college, the pediatrician gave him a script to use when he needs it since his schedule is inconsistent. He takes his Ritalin when he needs to do his work, some times during the day, sometimes at night. It’s working for him so far.

    Resolve, relax, release. good luck with that. Maybe for non-ADDers, for me those 3 R’s translate to sex. Now that might get me to sleep. But that’s another topic.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      There are ADHDers that do, indeed, take their stimulants at night so they can focus on sleep. However…not all ADHDers are built alike. I can’t have coffee late at night and I take my last Adderall about 5pm. Then it’s Melatonin to help me sleep.

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