He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life

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I’m excited to announce that I will be collaborating with Zoë Kessler (check out her blog! ADHD from A to Zoë and my post about her blog) in what we believe will be a fascinating examination of the ADHD experience. I’m looking forward to having lively discussions with Zoë and sharing them with you. I think you’re going to enjoy Zoë’s warmth, honesty, intelligence and clear-headed approach to the adult ADHD life and associated life issues.

The impetus for our collaboration is based on our similarities and, of course, our differences.

Similarities: We are both adult ADHDers who were diagnosed late in life – Zoë, four years ago and me, six years ago. We’re 51 and 52 years old respectively; our birth dates are days apart; we use our cars as a drum kit when we drive (and some of our favs are Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Green Day). We both love gardening, cooking, and we each have a diabetic dog…spooky! (Did I mention that we were both philosophy majors?)

Differences: Despite the similarities, a number of significant factors are at play that create important differences. Geography and environment (me, urban American (a New Yawka), Zoë, rural Canadian); gender; career paths; marital status (married with children, Zoë is single); birth status (child of immigrants, Zoë is an adoptee). As we delve into the subject matter we will no doubt uncover many more differences and the effect these differences have had on our ADHD lives.

The “He Said / She Said” Series Will Appear On Zoë’s Blog

Readers of Jeff’s ADD Mind Will Be Informed When New Series-Related Posts Appear

CLICK HERE To Read The Introduction and Part I of the “He Said / She Said” Series

About Zoë Kessler

Zoë is an author and regularly contributing blogger at psychcentral.com. Her popular blog is called ADHD from A to Zoë.  Ms. Kessler is also a contributing writer to ADDitude magazine, MORE Magazine, CBC Radio One, and others on a variety of ADHD-related topics. She’s written, produced and performed ADHD standup comedy, and her upcoming book, Chick-A-D-D (working title) is widely anticipated. Let’s hope she gets over her procrastination long enough to finish writing it!

About Jeff Siegel

Jeff has lived the life of a typical adult ADHDer. In addition to an ever-growing list of unfinished projects, he has had numerous careers such as adjunct lecturer; movie projectionist; shoe salesman and, his current pursuit, web developer. For several years Jeff has been blogging about his atypical life (though typical for an ADHDer). Because of his varied interests, his blog touches on many other topics such as cooking, philosophy, and politics.

When Zoë suggested to Jeff that they collaboratively examine various adult ADHD issues, his response was: “Absolutely! This could be quite exciting. We can bring different perspectives – male versus female – to the very same issues.” Jeff hopes that, in addition to enlightening the readers, they can solve world hunger and usher in a new peace that would last for generations.

Disclaimer: Although the He Said / She Said series is a collaborative effort between Zoë Kessler and Jeff Siegel, each author speaks for her or himself and the opinions expressed are solely those of the respective authors, in both the He Said / She Said series, as well as in their respective blogs: ADHD from A to Zoë and Jeff’s A.D.D. Mind

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  • http://www.ADHDRollerCoaster.org Gina Pera

    Great idea! Can’t wait to read it.

  • http://addmsorboth.blogspot.com/ Scott Hutson

    Jeff, Ya know I’ll be enlightened. (I’m easy to enlighten). Some things are more than a coincidence, when it comes to ADHD. I better get my dog’s up to the vet (heh heh). But seriously, I look forward to the He said/She said concept. Kudo’s to You and Zoe!!

    P.S. sry I don’t know how to put the dots over e.

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