(Video Supplement) He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life – The “Education” of an ADHDer (Part I)

T he latest installment of the He Said / She Said series has been posted. See: He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life – The “Education” of an ADHDer (Part I). The video below is meant to be viewed after reading that new post. It’s a story that illustrates how creativity worked for me (or against me) when I was in school.

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  • http://MungosADHD.com Mungo

    That was hilarious! Thanks for that quick piece of entertainment – keep ‘em coming!

    • Jeff

      Hmmm…not quite the reaction I would have expected. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting your comment.

      Looking back on the event…well…yeah…it was hilarious. But basically having the teacher, a school administrator and my own mother telling me, at a young and impressionable age, “Shut the f*ck up!” had a ripple effect through much of my life. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized I was channeling Einsteinian relativity (of a sort). I look back on this event (and there are others) and think about what my life could have been had “the system” (and my mother…who listened to the system) not treated me the way it did. Unfortunately, “the system” still does it to children. That’s why parents (at least here in the US of A) always have to fight with school administrators to get their children what they need. It is the extraordinarily rare school that actually provides the child with what the child needs, as opposed to providing the child what the administrative structure needs.

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