I received an email with this story-in-pictures.

This was my response to the email:

I know how I should feel at the end of this story…but the sacrifice we ask men and women to make just to assure that Exxon and BP have access to crude oil…well…it angers me to no end. For almost my entire life, this country has been at war. I’ve seen generation after generation destroyed and killed to protect the assets of multinational corporations. Yes, my heart goes out to this man, his family, and all the others that have sacrificed life and limb, but when I ask, has it been worth it, I cannot answer in the affirmative. We lost 50,000 soldiers in Vietnam and killed at least 1,000,000 Vietnamese. We have napalmed villages, spread Agent Orange around the world, propped up tin-pot dictators and oil sheiks. We have destroyed so many lives, both here and abroad, that there are times when I wish I wasn’t an American citizen because I hate what this country has become.

Note to the blog reader: You can learn more about this brave soldier at this website – http://timdoddphotography.com/blog/News/taylor-morris

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