Getting Beyond A.D.D. “Paralysis”

A .D.D.ers can easily enter a state of “paralysis” ” of complete inaction” when their to-do list grows exponentially. According to Jennifer Koretsky, this happens when you become consumed by all of the things you must do (“consumed by the future”) and, simultaneously, you are consumed by your legacy of past mistakes (“consumed by the past”). As she points out in her latest newsletter (which you should definitely subscribe to!), the key to breaking out of this paralysis is to focus your energies on the present. [note 1]

See: Living in the Present

  1. Please note that Jennifer does not use the term “paralysis” in her newsletter…that’s my definition of what it is for an to feel overwhelmed. It’s when you sit down at your computer to tackle Job X and you find that you’ve lost three hours doing nothing.
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