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A Video Sampling of Jeff’s ADD Mind

Your first encounter with this blog can be quite overwhelming. Started in 2007, there are 453 posts (as of December 5, 2012) which comes to almost 100 posts per year broken down into 52 categories. That’s a lot of stuff to read! If you make the brave attempt of reading the blog from the beginning to the present, you’ll notice a positive evolution in its tone. You’ll also notice that I’ve become extraordinarily playful, experimenting with various graphic designs (see Magazines) and videos (see this and this). There are also faux interviews (see this and this), faux documents(see this and this) and just plain old silliness. Don’t be fooled by the silliness. Sometimes what I am saying is deadly serious and humor is the only way to express it. The bottom line: this blog has become very much a reflection of my ADHD mind. Here’s my Twitterized description of this blog: Like a labyrinthine journey into a fantasy world, the blog reflects the sometimes funny and poignant convolutions of a restless ADHD mind.


Don’t hesitate to contact me at jeff at jeffsaddmind dot com if you have any questions concerning the content.

What others say about this blog

This is not an “A.D.D. Is a Gift” blog by any means. Jeff thinks having A.D.D. sucks, and writes highly analytic and thoughtful posts about how the condition complicates, colors, and otherwise confounds normal life in ways that usually go unnoticed. It’s not a reassuring read, but it’s a brave one, and I concur on a lot of the things he says about the A.D.D. life we both share.

Mike Doyle, Chicago Carless

Thank you, Jeff and your ADD Mind, for blazing the trail as a pioneer blogger on ADHD. You were there when the Internet was a pretty lonely and sometimes unfriendly place for people with ADHD [who were] seeking clarity and validation. And you keep finding new ways to illuminate, educate, and amuse!

Gina Pera, ADHD Roller Coaster: “Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?”

Jeff’s blog is NOT for the faint-of-heart, and I’m not sure it would be helpful to read if you’re newly diagnosed. Jeff’s writing is intelligent, darkly funny and provocative. It’s no-holds-barred and refreshingly candid, challenging the status quo and providing balance to current ADHD dialogue.

WARNING: Videos, cartoons, illustrations, mock magazine covers, and a myriad of visual aids provide endless entertainment and hours of procrastination potential!

Zoë Kessler, ADHD from A to Zoë

The blog, with audio and even video podcasts, of the ever-lucid Jeff Siegel. Jeff rants on-camera and on the microphone with razor-sharp observations and enlightening discourse about all matters ADD.

Sydney Parker Holt in his book ADD Simplified: Strategies for Minimizing the Effects of Adult ADD and ADHD

Another warning: Peppered throughout the blog are my different personalities such as Jeff the ADD Chef; Peter DeLaVerita; Rabbi Kardashian and, something still being fleshed out, Def Jef (see picture below of me with P Diddy). Oh yeah…there’s also me.  These alter egos are reflections of my various interests and perspectives.

Enjoy your stay here at Jeff’s ADD Mind. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter. It keeps you informed about new posts. And please…do not hesitate to leave comments on any post…even the old posts are worth revisiting and commenting on. It’s the dialogue, through the comments, that really make a blog come to life.

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Carpe diem!


Def Jef & P Diddy

This is what this blog looked like about three years ago.

This is what the blog looked like before the current redesign.

Previous blog design

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