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Encountering a blog for the first time is like walking into the middle of a conversation. There was something of interest that drew you into the conversation but, because you were not there at the beginning, you are not privy to some of the “inside” comments and asides. It is with this in mind that I have put together a list of “must read” blog posts. No doubt there was some post that brought you to this blog but, if you decide to read other posts, it may be helpful to understand the conversation from the beginning.

The posts selected below are based, in part, on what I believe to be important posts and also based on the popularity of particular posts. Most importantly I tried to cover most of the key topics, such as Time, Memory and various Adult A.D.D. issues (how to describe it, what it is like to live with it). Please feel free to contact me if you believe that there is a post that should be on this list.

If, like a true, you are impatient and not likely to read all of these posts then, at the minimum, read the first three posts listed.

Videos About ADHD

Bare Minimum: I would recommend watching several videos from this series of videos and then return to this page for links to recommended posts.

Click here to watch the ADD/ADHD Candid Health Series Videos. This is a “personal” view of ADHD.

Watch the ADD Candid Health Videos

Dr. Russell Barkley offers the clearest, most succinct explanation of ADHD and the challenges faced by ADHDers.

Executive Functions

Intention Deficit Disorder

Emotional Regulation


Some posts to read.

Before you tackle the list below, check out this free eBook composed of six posts selected from this blog. It’s in Adobe PDF format, allowing you to read it on anything that can display PDFs. The eBook is hyperlinked so with a simple click you can go from the eBook/PDF to the original post, where you can add your own comments or explore the blog further.

Please note that these posts were written over the course of four or more years. My thoughts have evolved over time so that some things that I wrote in 2007 I may not completely agree with in 2011.
  1. Problems with Time: The Tyranny of Now
  2. Problems with Time: The Can Not Understand Life Because the Can Not Understand Time
  3. What is ADD?: How Do You Describe ADHD to a Non-ADHDer?
  4. What is ADD? An Atypical Definition: Adult A.D.D. As A Form Of Madness
  5. Were you just diagnosed with ADHD? Then read this:Advice for the Adult ADHD Newbie
  6. Memory Problems: Scrambled Eggs…for Brains
  7. Mental Fog: Lost Time and “The Fog”
  8. Productivity: Conservation of Chaos: The A.D.D. Improvement Process

How you might be able to control your A.D.D.

  1. Cures for A.D.D.: “Shoot Me Now” – The “Cure” for Adult A.D.D.
  2. Cures for A.D.D.: How To Cure A.D.D.
  3. False Cures for A.D.D.: It’s All In Your Head: The Logic of the A.D.D. Deniers

Living with Adult A.D.D.

  1. A.D.D. & Aging: Having Adult A.D.D. means…, The Curse That Keeps On Giving
  2. Adult A.D.D.: Is A.D.H.D./A.D.D. A Gift or A Curse?
  3. Adult A.D.D.: What is “normal” for an
  4. Sex: Sex And The Adult ADHDer: When Fantasy Meets Reality, Adult A.D.D. & Sex

Anger Issues

  1. Two days of A.D.D. Rage
  2. Anger Management & Handling the “Are You An Idiot?” Problem

ADHD: It Does Get Better Over Time But….

  1. It Does Improve…Really…It Does
  2. A Ransom Note From The Kidnapper
  3. Owning The “Curse” of Adult ADHD
  4. Coming Out of the (A.D.D.) Closet

The Reality of ADHD

  1. You Have A.D.D./A.D.H.D. and You Will NOT Be Rich and Famous
  2. The Broken Escapement – An A.D.D. Metaphor
  3. Integrationists vs Separatists: The Two Worlds of Diagnosed Adult ADHDers
  4. Science versus the “A.D.D. Self”
  5. The Alternate Universe Of ADHDers
  6. Know Thyself
  7. The Diabetic Life of the ADHDer

ADHD: A Gift or a Curse?

  1. The Curse That Keeps On Giving
  2. The Gift versus The Curse
  3. A Positively Honest View of ADHD
  4. How To Live With The Gift of Adult ADHD
  5. Have The Gods Lied To Us: The Mythology of The Gift of ADHD
  6. Adult ADD As A Form of Madness
  7. Adult ADHD: The Silent Killer

Most importantly, explore the blog using the categories, tags or the search capability.

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