Finally! A Cure For Depression!! Perhaps This Will Work For ADHD?

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  • Carmen

    Truer words have never been spoken! Thanx!

    • Jeff

      You’re quite welcome! I thought that the research and theory was superb!! Just wish I could have been part of the test group. ;)

  • Laurie Siegel

    That was really funny, Jeff. I don’t drink alcohol, but to this day, I am still trying to acquire a taste for it…..not solely for medicinal purposes – but to catch a little buzz. I finally found a combination that is pleasing to the palate and surprisingly slows down my thoughts late at night. I pour a glass of milk and throw in a splash of Kahlua. Yummy yum………nighty nite!

    • Jeff

      I drink alcohol infrequently. Sometimes it’s light stuff like Mike’s Hard Lemonade or beer like a Corona. Sometimes I’ll drink a Margarita or a Martini (but not at the same time). You might want to try a Chocolatini if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

  • Scott Hutson

    Got a good laugh out of that one Jeff. I had many good times myself with this form a medication….until I stopped having fun with it on April 17th 2002. Kinda funny that I remember the exact day I stopped drinking. But I reckon I don’t miss Mr. Hyde that much anymore.

    Dr. Jekll

  • Laurie Siegel

    Scott, I apologize and regret my impulsive and thoughtless comment on alcohol. Over 20 years ago, within a 6 week period – I gave birth, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (the first one), diagnosed as ADD and in the throes of PPD (psychotic, as I knew it). I don’t recall if I started self-medicating after a year of chemo or at some point in the middle. Looking at my comment from the other day, I feel like such an ass, but I’m really not. You had your laugh and I regained my clarity. But it does feel like it was a lifetime ago.
    I think I fell and landed on step 9!

    Laurie – formerly Mrs. Hyde and go seek.

    P.S. Jeffrey, why am I faceless?

    • Jeff

      Laurie, go to to set an image.

    • Scott Hutson

      Laurie, absolutely no need to apologize! You most certainly have been through some very serious stress-full situations in your life. When I stopped drinking, it was before I had any health problems in my life, or was diagnosed ADD.

      Drinking Chivas Regal on the rocks was getting the best of me at that time of my life. I started self medicated with many things at the age of ten(1970). Not too many dangerous controlled substances I didn’t or haven’t used besides alcohol before some circumstances occur a few yrs. ago(2006). Ironically these circumstances made it immpossible for me to drink alcohol, or abuse any C.D.S.. I would be dead within a few hours if I did. If it had been possible, when I did some chemo-tharapy a while back, I honestly can’t say I woud not have poured myself a few double Chivas’ on the rocks after a day at the treatment center. :)

      I don’t have cancer btw, and cancer is much worse than what is wrong with me, I think. I admire your courage, and you have helped me today by telling your story Laurie. Thank You!


    • Lori

      Hi Laurie,

      Wow. Your story sounds similar to mine. I lost my son, unfortunately, during the 9th month of pregnancy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and ADD about 6 months pregnant. I became pretty depressed and the worst part was the lack of support I got from my family. My husband was great at first, but after the baby died, he left me about 6 months into my chemo.

      I was about 27ish at the time. It was hell. I didn’t see your comment on alcohol, but I know I drank myself through a few years of depression until I could get my feet back up and do something with my life.

      Thank you for writing what you wrote. I have never spilled my gutts out like this.
      You sound like a strong woman.
      Must be the name!


      • Jeff

        Lori and Laurie, it’s a testament to your inner strength that you survived and are still alive and well and, I hope, smiling and even thriving. Scott, on the other hand…well…that’s another story. (Just kidding, Scott!)

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