Elizabeth Warren: The Supreme Court Justice We Deserve; The Supreme Court Justice We Will Never Get

A rianna Huffington said it best: “I think Elizabeth Warren — especially if we can clone her so she can also run the Consumer Protection Agency — would be a great nominee. A Harvard Law professor, an expert on bankruptcy law, on many of the ways in which economic policies are impacting the middle class, exactly what the country needs right now, a compelling communicator. A great thing about John Paul Stevens was how persuasive he was, how he could move at least judge Kennedy and give us some of those 5-4 decisions which were so critical.”

Warren is a no nonsense, straight shooter who does the unthinkable: she looks out for everyone EXCEPT the ultrarich. However, as one of the commentors noted, she will NEVER be nominated.

No way Obama will not pick her as scotus not even to head the CPA..She is seen as too hawkish and Obama does not like hawkish people..he prefers moderate and tempered people who do not espouse their strong belives in public. As a matter of fact the Adm..see EW as a pain. Honestly..They feel like she eclipses Obama as the peoples watch dog..am sure rahm thinks the same. When the Adm..sees u as eclipsing the president in your positions or if u have support from the people then forget being appointed to any position..Never be seen to be eclipsing the president or too outspoken. U notice she is never ever seen with the president?

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