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D r. Vinnie Goombatz (aka Dr. Vinnie), the organized crime doctor for the disorganized mind, answers a question from a listener. This is an edited version of the email he received. (Yes…this is a REAL email received by Dr. Vinny.)

I got a question: Is there such a thing as self diagnosis for ADHD or ADD? I’ve been very hyperactive when I was a kid. It went away when I was in my teens but I started having problems organizing my thoughts and focusing on anything. I thought I might have ADHD…

I started having serious ADDish problems last year when I started working on my college thesis. I can’t bring myself to finish anything. I know I’m not being lazy and all. I really want to work on the project but when I try, I end up disorganized and not knowing what to do.

I tried answering online ADD quizzes online and all the results say that i probably have it. But my problem is this – I live in a place with practically no access to a psychiatrist or any professional who can help or at least diagnose whatever it is I have.

is it safe to assume that i have ADD and start taking actions to deal with it like meds and stuff or will it do more harm than good?

Here is Dr. Vinny’s response:

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  • Jessica

    I did the same exact thing at the age of 24. I think your own brain is constantly in search of what it is missing. The docter had failed to see past my depression so I lost faith and bought street drugs to deal with the bordem and inability to complete tasks. (Oddly enough I found the drunker or higher I was on something the easier it was to do the creative projects I so badly wanted too, I never of course finished anything but got close!)
    I finally tried an Adderrall when nothing else was around and almost immediately realized this was what I was lacking. You want to think, you want to complete something and feel accomplishment, you want to have close friendships, so all of your coping mechanism are somewhat like clues leading you to that “thing” ADD prevents you from putting your finger on. Yourself I guess. If ADD went undiagnosed long enough in some, I think it would lead to insanity.
    But this is just my opinion from experience. I have never been more balanced and positive in my thinking. I finally have self-esteem and goals, so sometimes I suppose we have to figure our own brains out.

    • Jeff

      “If ADD went undiagnosed long enough in some, I think it would lead to insanity.” – I reached that point. I could no longer understand why the whole world was passing me by and I was just standing still. I just assumed I was crazy. I had no other word for it. No matter how hard I worked…I never moved.

      I’m not sure what clicked in my head but…somehow…I hit on the self-diagnosis of ADHD and then, suddenly, my life was explained. I verified my diagnosis with a psychiatrist who prescribed Wellbutrin. My first few weeks on Wellbutrin was an eye-opening experience. I was able to see things in my own behavior that I could not see before. My only regret is that I was diagnosed many years earlier.

  • The Truth

    Wellbutrin is not for add. Or adhd-pi as it is now called. It is prescribed by psychs who dont feel comfortable giving out the real meds. Sadly, thanks to jerk college kids who abuse the drug and think, “oh i have adhd cause this narcotic makes me feel like working!” Docs are real hesitant to give what does work to many. Welbutrin is for depression and smoking cessation.

    • http://jeffsaddmind.com Jeffs ADD Mind

      I believe the term is “off-label” when you use a drug for something that is not it’s main purpose. Wellbutrin is, at times, prescribed for ADHD. In my case it took care of my seasonal affective disorder by essentially eliminating the depression and, yes, it did help when I tried to stop smoking. Overall I found that it was quite helpful though I did eventually add a stimulant to the morning cocktail, namely, Vyvanse.

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