The World of Dr. Baughman – It’s a Matter of Self-Control

I n the “World According to Baughman,” psychiatric problems do not exist. Our sissified lifestyle, where we mollycoddle children (and increasingly adults) is the cause of all of these “psychiatric problems.” The real problem is a lack of self-control. So gird your loins, stand up straight and tall, stop whining and start showing self-control.

The following comes from Dr. Baughman’s website:

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: D and L, if you agree with "most" but not all of what I say: that there is no such thing as a mental, psychiatric disease/physical abnormality/chemical imbalance, you do not yet understand that such "disease" claims are a total,100% fraud. Absent objective brain diseases, all humans are capable of learning self control. It is up to the adults in their lives--parents, teachers, mostly, to teach them self control, and up to the individual, increasingly through childhood and adolescence, to learn self-control on his own. Parents, teachers and individuals who have come to believe in the chemical imbalance, psychiatic diagnosis as disease model, not knowing what to expect from themselves and the adults in their lives are terribly handicapped as set forth in life. Fred Baughman, MD ]

I agree with most of what you say regarding mental illness,
especially ADHD, but then how do you initially “treat” and continue to
treat a child or an adult who displays distactible and accelerated


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  • betsy davenport, phd

    Self control, of course, is mediated by the brain. Hahahaha. True, but Baughman seems not to be up to date on his basic anatomy

    The woman I go to for neurofeedback — helpful! — said this: “The brain is a pretty powerful thing, and the people who know that best are the ones whose brains don’t work right.”

    I wanted to kiss her for saying that.

  • Sarah F.

    There’s a difference between saying, “You get off the hook because of ADHD,” and saying, “You have ADHD. This is hard for you. However, you can improve with the right tools.”

    I told my boyfriend that it’s like him being nearsighted. He’s VERY nearsighted. However, me saying, “Well, just TRY HARDER to see distances,” would be totally ridiculous. Reading the sign for him, when he can’t see it, helps. Him actually wearing his glasses would help more, as would stepping closer to the sign.

    Telling somebody with ADHD that they just aren’t trying hard enough isn’t helpful. It’s frustrating. Especially when they are trying. But encouraging them and helping them find the tools they need is extremely helpful.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      I’m in complete agreement. Trying harder usually means, not that someone isn’t trying, but that something may be stopping them from succeeding. So ADHD meds, or eyeglasses, may be the tool needed to get past the impediment.

  • Sarah F.

    By the way, I love when people who don’t have ADHD, and therefore have never really experienced what it’s like, pontificate on what it’s like, or what it is or isn’t, as though they really understand it.

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